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The Campaign

Inspiration for this creative idea comes from Viu’s focus on global expertise and local talent. After the 2017 success of the Viu Female Festival, we decided to go bigger and grander. in 2018 we took the VPF on the road to more than 5 cities and added a panel of new mentors. Storytelling is how we make connections and Indonesia has a rich history with traditional fables and folklores. Today, modern storytelling through entertainment media such as TV and Internet are becoming more popular than ever. True to its commitment to bring the Best Asian Content to viewers, Viu has produced numerous Asian Originals to add to the library of licensed fresh TV shows and movies from content partners. A source for these Originals, The Viu Pitching Forum, has contributed significant growth to the Indonesian film industry and creative industry and this will continue to contribute to national economic growth.

The Brief

Overall Budget: USD 150,000 (includes: Launch Announcement press conference, Roadshow in five cities, a 5-days professional workshop (incubation period), 10 Finalists’ release distribution, Winners’ announcement press conference and winners’ prizes). Total Media Expenditure of USD 135,000 covers: Radio spots: 60 Spots (30”) in 4 radios TVC (30”): 3 Spots in 2 TV stations Media Partnership: 6 Partners (full barter deal with value of USD 20,000 per media). Note: All details of financials here remain highly confidential and not for disclosure, only for evaluation.

Creative Execution

On 15 March, 2018, VPF’s launch was communicated to the media. This was followed by a 9-day roadshow to five Indonesian cities, with local and national media coverage on following: Meetings and discussions with local film students and communities Informing them of the positive impacts of the Viu Pitching Forum on the film industry Inspiring amateur talent to submit their works Creating buzz and excitement On 17 April, we announced to the media regarding 10 finalists from Medan, Yogyakarta, Jakarta, Bandung and Surabaya, who were selected and gathered in an incubation program (23 – 27 April, 2018). On 27 April, the finalists pitched their ideas to the panel of judges. Selected media were invited to attend the sessions on 28-29 April. One week later, we began to announce VPF winners (first “Halustik”, then “Knock-Out Girl”), followed by the announcement of the production kick off of Halustik, on Aug 6, 2018.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

VPF garnered wide interest that resulted in the following: Business impact: 21% increase in Viu app installs Response: 218 entries from all over Indonesia. As participants were required to submit a 1-minute video concept of their project, this outcome is considerably high. Result: 2 winning projects are now in production’s progress. Impressions: Through Press Conferences, selected media placement, partnership with national and local media, roadshow to communities in 5 major cities, we gained a total Impression of 124,837,792 with details as follow: Paid Media: 33%, Barter/Partnership Media 11% and Owned Media: 56%. Change of behaviour: We introduced a new platform for film projects to get commissioned We created a means to get professional mentorship to help people prepare a film project’s proposal Awareness increase: Previously, we target people who love to watch Asian entertainment programs; now, we expand our target audience to filmmakers/producers.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

Viu is a leading OTT Video service providing the best of Asian entertainment. Announced this March, the Viu Pitching Forum (VPF) is an annual commissioning event dedicated to facilitating and developing projects pitched by talented Indonesian filmmakers to experts from the industry. This is Viu’s contribution to the Indonesian film industry through mentorship and providing opportunities for Indonesian talent to showcase their films on a global “stage”. In 2018, the VPF generated hundreds of enthusiastic responses from all over Indonesia, illustrating the power of a great PR concept to create excitement around Viu for both talent and Viuers alike.

Our target: Passionate Indonesian amateur and professional filmmakers Male and female, 21-38 years old Active holders of monthly Viu Premium account Members of Viuers Community Approach to target: MAGIC MA = Meet & Make a connection with Indonesian film communities across the country G = Give knowledge and information pertaining to VPF that are beneficial to target I = Inspire Indonesian film communities to participate in entering VPF by communicating its innovative benefits C = Celebrate the submission, by becoming Finalists that get to experience a workshop program and Winners whose projects will be produced and broadcasted globally.


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