Product / Service5RAMS
CategoryC03. Exhibitions / Installations
Media Placement MINDSHARE Beijing, CHINA
Production 3 TWO AM MUSIC STUDIOS Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
Production 4 DON'T BELIEVE IN STYLE Shanghai, CHINA
Additional Company NESTLE CHINA Beijing, CHINA


Name Company Position
Nini Chiang Nestlé (China) Ltd. Chief Marketing Officer
Stephanie Lim Nestlé (China) Ltd. Head of Marketing Nestle Ice Cream (Greater China)
Skye Wong Nestlé (China) Ltd. Head of Communications (Nestle Greater China)
Annie Su Ogilvy Beijing Managing Partner
Jeremy Webb Ogilvy Beijing Senior Vice President
Arvind Srivastava Ogilvy Beijing President, Strategic Planning
Genevieve Kwek Ogilvy Beijing Senior Account Director
Andrew Low Ogilvy Beijing Executive Creative Director
Fannie Chen Ogilvy Beijing Creative Director
Lynn Lin Ogilvy Beijing Senior Copywriter
Callum Ng Ogilvy Beijing Associate Creative Director
Since Shi Ogilvy Beijing Art Director
Choo Chee Wee Ogilvy Beijing Creative Director
Alice Chu Nestlé (China) Ltd. Senior Producer

The Campaign

The majority of Guangdong’s population is Han Chinese, with the Cantonese people forming the largest subgroup in the region . In researching our target audience, we found a common sentiment: "I am proud to be a Cantonese. But the world is changing. I don't want to be left behind.” Cantonese are well-known for their unique ability to intertwine new concepts with tradition, and it was this insight that guided our campaign’s theme of Re-imagining Guangdong. 5Ramswould take consumers on a journey based on their 5 senses. We wanted them to ‘taste’ a Reimagined Guandong, but also wanted them to see, hear, feel, touch this reimagination. Central to the idea would be an on-ground event, aimed at taking visitors on a uniquely Cantonese sensory journey as they savored the 5Rams Tasty Cone, giving them a firsthand experience of “all that’s great about Guangdong, is in one Tasty Cone”

The Brief

Production budget for Event production: RMB 1.2million Media budget for on-ground activation: RMB 440k Social KOL engagement: RMB 400k

Creative Execution

The theme of a Reimagined Guangdong featured icons that locals could connect to, appealing to the five senses, to stir local pride in our audience, while getting them to reconnect with 5Rams. Central to the idea was the three-day on-ground event at Guangzhou’s Tianhe mall, aimed at taking visitors on a Cantonese sensory journey. Housed within a five-meter-tall structure, visitors were first treated to a visual feast, surrounded by a kaleidoscope of moving local icons. A touchable wall of sound reacquainted Cantonese with noises from traditional life. A 3D wall installation infused with aromatic scents brought visitors up close with the ingredients of 5Rams while enjoying their own Tasty Cones. Other touchpoints that amplified the campaign theme included a 30-second animation spot, depicting the sensory enjoyment found in every bite of Tasty Cone. 5Rams social platforms were abuzz with content encouraging Cantonese to see their beloved home with fresh perspectives.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

KP #1Overall sales of all products of 5Rams to increase 1.5% year-on-year Result #1: Delivered a growth of 5.4%(3.6times over set target) also exceeding the industry growth of 4.6% KPI #2 Register a positive sales growth for Tasty Cone this year Result #2: Sales volume of Tasty Cone increased by 132% year on year KPI#3: Brand image uplift on key parameters like ‘favourability, ‘top of mind awareness’, purchase intention’ etc. Result #3: Overall popularity of 5Rams brand were significantly improved among target consumers Top of mind awareness and purchase intention improved by 62.5% and favourability among the target audience was up by 89.5%. This proved that 5Rams were not only more aware, but was also a well-liked ice cream brand among the TA

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

5Rams brand, a 50-year-old household name in Guangdong, reversed six years of declining sales and re-established itself as a local favorite by reigniting Cantonese pride.. The work centered on bringing the sensory enjoyment found in every bite of a Tasty Cone to life, tapping into what Cantonese loved best – eating, elevating that experience through igniting the rest of their senses. Through our installation, Cantonese not only got to taste their favorite local flavors packed into a Tasty Cone, they also got to see, hear, smell and feel the excitement of their traditions reimagined in a fresh new way.

Our campaign targeted modern Cantonese taste lovers aged 18-25, with a broader target audience aged 18-35. Guangdong’s youth take pride in their innovative and pioneering lifestyle. However, our target audience's pride in Guangdong had declined in recent years. They were seeking a revitalization in the Guangdong spirit. Our approach aimed to refresh this proud local identity; to take it to the next level through what Cantonese loved best – eating. And 5Rams, being the region’s classic ice cream brand, had the power to do so. We would take Cantonese consumers on a sensory journey; igniting their five senses, to Reimagine Guangdong.

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