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The Campaign

The concert included 3 parts. First part introduced the history of the city by telling the legends and the fights of the local people. The second part showed how the city had developed and its transformation. The third and also the most important part described the beauty of the beach city, and the youth spirit that represented the city’s value. The highlight of the show was the mini musical which told the story of the legendary hero “Doc Cuoc” – the hero who saved the lives of thousands local people and was seen God. Being inspired by the legend, Hai Yen - Stage director produced a mini musical to bring back the hero. Another highlight was a mapping show "The ocean's goddess" that described the beauty of the ocean. In this performance, a projector was used to project video footages onto a moving skirt of a dancer.

The Brief

The overall cost of the event was $197,628 in which: - Production cost: $ 95,817 (included stage building, sound & lighting system, event equipment hire, audience's grand stand, VIP area, backstage, storage room production). - Entertainment cost: $93,435 (included performers & entertainers' allowances, choreography, script, video footage production, visual videos, props, costumes) - Logistic & management cost: $8,376 (human resources, transportation, food & beverage for production team)

Creative Execution

The event was free to the public and located at the central square of the city by the beach which was able to accommodate about 20,000 participants. Started from 7pm until midnight, the event included series of entertainment and live performances on a 150m2 stage. The concert was broadcasted live on the local TV channel. In the opening performance, the team used a heavy duty outdoor projector to project video footages on to the skirt of the key dancer. In the windy weather of the beach, the projection needed to be very precisely in order to turn the skirt into a large screen. For other performances, 3 meter high lift was hidden inside the stage to bring performers to the stage to create a wow effect. In the "Ocean's love story" performance, invisible cables were used to help dancers fly on the stage while dancing.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

The concert attracted over 20,000 attendants from the city itself and nearby provinces. It was live broadcasted on the local TV channel and later video on YouTube of the Thanh Hoa television broadcaster attracted more than 45,000 views on the day. More than 40 local media & newspapers gave report about the show with good reviews. Mainstream media included Nhan Dan, Tuoi Tre, Tien Phong, Lao Dong, The Thao Van Hoa wrote about the event. Other national e-newspapers was also mentioned the event in their news column: vietnamnet,,, For the first time, the local legend hero was mentioned multiple times on the media which brought pride to the local residents.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

The main objective of the event is promote Sam Son beach to be the holiday destination of the Vietnamese holiday-goers and position Sam Son as a young, dynamic city but rich in traditions and history. Newday Media came up with the idea of organizing a beach festival at Sam Son beach square which included a live concert, showcasing the history, traditions and development of the city via contemporary dances, light performances, musical, videos, and 3D mapping technology. For the first time in Vietnam, a local legendary hero was featured on stage in a musical/ dance performance.

The event targeted to local & international tourists & holiday goers, especially young families who appreciate traditions as well as the city's transformation. The idea was to organize an event that "everyone was welcome" and also created a "wow" effect to the local & international tourists. The outdoor event was organized with the ocean themed live concert "The desire of a young city" in which performances reflected the images of the sea. Each performance told a different story about the city from the history to the modern day. The opening performance "the ocean's Goddess" showcased the beauty & power of the ocean. In this performance, a 3D mapping was used to project videos onto the dancer's skirt. The mini musical "The legend of Doc Cuoc" told the story of the local hero Doc Cuoc. And "The Ocean's love story" told the legendary love story of the male & female stones.


Name Company Position
Hai Yen Le Newday Media JSC General Director
Khanh Bang Pham Newday Media JSC Chairman
Thu Ha Larkin Newday Media JSC Deputy Managing Director
Manh Hung Pham Newday Media JSC Design Manager
Son Tung Tran Newday Media JSC Event Manager
Thu Lan Nguyen Newday Media JSC Head of Finance
Hoang Anh Nguyen Newday Media JSC Media Manager
Van Kha Le Newday Media JSC Deputy Event Manager
Huyen Trang Ha Newday Media JSC Deputy Manager
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