Product / ServiceVINYLS
CategoryA12. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) / Corporate Image
Media Placement ALIBABA GROUP Hangzhou, CHINA
Production KILLDEATH Shanghai, CHINA

The Campaign

For years, air pollution has been a reality in China. While on heavily polluted days, it is easy to see the haze, the rest of the time air pollution remains imperceptible. So to try to ignite conversation about air pollution, we turned air pollution into tangible pieces. We gathered 10 rising artists around a unique album. Then we released the album as a series of 200 vinyl records made of air pollution. For the first time people could see how tangible air pollution is and also experience it through another media which is music. The noise on the record was not added in post production but is the result of imperfections created by air pollution particles.

The Brief

Overall budget : 340,000 YUAN (USD 52,307)

Creative Execution

First we gathered 10 risings Chinese artists from different genre, around one very unique album called “The Undiscovered”. Then instead of simply releasing the album online, we crafted a limited series of vinyl records made of actual air pollution. First we collected air pollution dust using air purifiers. Then we mixed the air pollution dust with transparent resin to make 200 vinyl records. The result is a series of unique and imperfect LPs. All records are perfectly playable, but the noise on them are the results of air pollution particles. But to make sure those records have a direct impact, all records were put to auction with proceeds going to a planting tree program with Alibaba which allowed to plant more than 5000 trees.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

Alibaba music website recorded 130 million visits in the first week. Toxic Records became a trending topic on China’s Twitter. Toxic Records got more than 100 press coverages online in China. Finally the sale of all records helped to plant more than 5000 trees to fight air pollution through Alibaba planting tree program.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

Alibaba Music wanted to leverage their artists platform to have a positive impact in China. For this campaign, we needed to show their commitment to fighting air pollution, and made a piece that would capture people’s curiosity. With Toxic Records, we crafted records by recycling air pollution. And people from music lovers, to environmental activists responded positively to the initiative. And all the proceeds went to a the Alibaba planting tree program.

From the beginning, Toxic Records were designed to live outside of advertising-- a series of vinyl records made from air pollution had a huge impact on the way we look at air pollution in china. The strategy was firstly, to create a tangible piece and also a solution to a problem (each record were sold with proceeds going to a tree planting program). Secondly, to raise awareness about the state of air pollution in China, during a time where the young generation got used to the situation. Fundamentally the strategy was not only to start a conversation; but also to get the target group – and beyond - to actively fight air pollution by sharing the campaign with their network and get donations through the sale of the records.


Name Company Position
Jean-Baptiste Ledivelec FF CREATIVE GROUP HEAD