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The Campaign

Singaporeans pile on sugar because they think sugar adds more flavour to their food. Scientific research proves otherwise: in fact, sugar blocks the taste buds, preventing us from tasting a broad spectrum of flavours essential to an authentic multi-dimensional taste experience. THE IDEA: Less Sugar, More Flavour! The biggest taste-test ever launched in Singapore to prove that drinks don’t need to be high in sugar to taste good. Tapping into the Singaporean decades-long love affair with the local drink culture, we identified more than 20 flavours important to the Singapore taste experience. Based on these learnings, we paired key flavours with local ingredients and healthier choice beverages to create a new wave of visually-arresting, unexpectedly flavourful lower-sugar drinks that are sampled at Ah Heng Drink Stall, Singapore’s first lower-sugar popup, to show Singaporeans what they are really missing out when they add too much sugar: rich, authentic flavours.

The Brief

Overall campaign budget: $1,200,000 Creative production budget: 100k Event production budget $800k Paid media budget: $300k

Creative Execution

To pull off Ah Heng Drink Stall -- the ultimate taste taste -- we needed ammunition to flip the flavour equation for good. Working with flavourists and mixologists, we evaluated a spectrum of flavours and aromas important to the Singaporean taste experience. Beyond the five basic tastes - sweet, salty, bitter, sour, savoury- we identified over 20 flavour sensorials such as mouthfeel, spices, textures and densities. Using these values, we paired key flavours, local ingredients such as pomegranate and chai and available healthier-choice beverages to concoct 8 multi-dimensional flavourful and visually captivating lower-sugar drink creations, each with a standout flavour profile that also counteracted our desire for sweetness. With these inspiring creations, Ah Heng Drink Stall opened for business in the Business Districts and heartlands for Singaporeans and influencers to sample, along with recipes to recreate at home. Over the activation period, 80,000 Ah Heng drinks were sampled nationwide.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

Not only was “Less Sugar More Flavour” the most successful sugar-education campaign in 10 years, it was the first to demonstrate a clear shift in consumer preference and purchasing behavior. At campaign end, we recorded sharp increases in awareness, consideration, and actual purchase compared to past campaigns. 83% of the Singapore population are motivated to purchase Healthier Choice drinks, with 80% finding the campaign relevant to their lifestyles and providing new information. In stores, our partners reported +31% increase in lower-sugar beverage purchase, with 79% all-time-high engagement with consumers, evidenced in a +42% increase in social and content sharing compared to past campaigns. All by simply shifting the focus to what really mattered, and a taste of what Singaporeans are really missing out on - Flavour!

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

“Less Sugar, More Flavour” is Singapore’s biggest taste test with an almost-impossible mission to fulfil: get Singaporeans to cut their diabetes risk by convincing one of the most food-obsessed nations in the world to change their prejudice against healthier lower-sugar drinks -- which have historically been seen as boring, bland, and a utter compromise on their taste experience. Beyond a mindset shift, this campaign recorded a clear shift in consumer purchase of Healthier Choice lower-sugar products and preferences at campaign end, for Singaporeans across every walk of life.

To address the bias and reframe people's mindsets, we needed to shift the focus away from sugar's ill effects to what sugar really covers up: authentic, complex flavours. This objective isn't something that traditional above-the-line communications can do. In order to convince Singaporeans to cut down on sugar, they have to taste it to believe it. Tapping into Singapore's decades-long love affair with the local drink culture, we launched Ah Heng Drink Stall, the first lower-sugar popup, where 8 unexpectedly flavourful, Insta-worthy lower-sugar drink creations are sampled by Singaporeans to prove that drinks don't have to be high in sugar to taste good. Through the buzz and conversations ignited onground and on social, along with Ah Heng recipes to recreate at home as well as disruptive reminders at the point-of-sale, we reinforced this narrative at every consumer touchpoint to convince Singaporeans that lower-sugar alternatives are exciting, accessible and delicious.


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