Product / ServiceWASO
CategoryE01. Launch / Re-launch
Entrant1-10DESIGN Kyoto, JAPAN
Idea Creation 1-10DESIGN Kyoto, JAPAN
Media Placement CYBERAGENT Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Hirokazu Matsushige 1-10design, Inc. Creative Director
Ayuko Kojima 1-10design, Inc. Art Director
Daisuke Usui 1-10design, Inc. Producer
Sota Tamura 1-10design, Inc. Planner
Yuka Kamakura 1-10design, Inc. Planner
Yukiko Matsumiya CyberAgent, Inc. Account Executive
Kyoko Kaya CyberAgent, Inc. Account Executive
Mari Kikawa CyberAgent, Inc. Account Executive
Yu Kojima CA MOBILE, Ltd. PR Planner
Mei Tatsuguchi CA MOBILE, Ltd. PR Planner
Hideki Katada Hakuten Corporation Producer
Atsutaka Nagasawa Hakuten Corporation Project Manager
Koji Nakae Hakuten Corporation Designer
Hiroyuki Mori SORCERY DRESSING Vegetable Arrangement

The Campaign

Shiseido opened a special popup store using "YAOYA", Japanese Traditional vegetable store as a motif. We created a special place that genuinely appeal the greatness of the brand with no fancy digital effect.

The Brief

• Overall budget 30,000,000yen(270,000USD) • Breakdown of costs Construction costs:20,000,000yen(180,000USD) Sampling costs:2,000,000yen(18,000USD) Venue costs:2,000,000yen(18,000USD) Web site costs:1,000,000yen(9,000USD) PR costs:2,000,000yen(18,000USD) Influencer Casting costs:3,000,000yen(27,000USD) • Paid Media budget None

Creative Execution

In order to promote the WASO brand, we opened a special popup shop using "YAOYA" , Japanese traditional vegetable shop as a motif. Millennials are fond of Japanese culture and respect tradition. Also, millennials love natural lifestyle, paying attention to ingredients of what they eat and wear. Focusing on what is trending with millennials, Shiseido developed WASO brand items using five natural and traditional ingredients. By displaying WASO brand items with various vegetables. Visitors became familiar with the WASO brand by seeing, touching, and tasting the display.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

The unique approach of the campaign attracted visitors and became a hot topic on various media, both traditional and online, achieving effective reach 957% of initial target. The popup shop was a photogenic space giving modern touch to Japanese tradition. The shop and products successfully gained interests of the millennials. Visitor Number was 257% of initial targets. Plus, 98% of visitors showed interest or intention to try the product.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

We succeeded in striking a chord with millennials, our future royal customers, and gained their interests in WASO brand and intention to try the product. Our strategy was to provide with them a unique brand experience compared to conventional promotions based on their characteristics - they are fond of Japanese culture, respect tradition and love natural lifestyle.

Millennials are known to have less contact with mass media compared to other generations. We planned unexpected and photogenic approach to encourage millennials share their experience on internet based on their characteristics - they are fond of Japanese culture, respect tradition and love natural lifestyle.