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The Campaign

Banks offer lots of events, HSBC Jade offers luxury lifestyle experiences. Human Insight - ‘It’s human instinct to want to peer behind the curtain, to see how those one level up from you live’. Every bank is aggressive in it’s event offers to premier customers. To stand out, encourage sign up, loyalty and engagement, another dinner with entertainment wasn’t going to cut it. HSBC Jade must be present in moments when this audience are discovering the finer things in life to reach them in an impactful way. The way to entice this high net worth demographic who seek out luxury experiences, is to offer them a little taste of the aspirational ultra-high net worth luxury lifestyle: Create an environment that Jade sign ups crave to be in, because it offers them luxury they can't reach any other way. A desire to increase their wealth portfolio is the natural next step.

The Brief

Campaign budget of SGD$500k for the year. Paid media spend of SGD$50k Leveraging on media role to drive awareness, conversations, conversion and advocacy. Partnership Procurement time cost of SGD$100k (Negotiation, contract management, partner management) - Chopard, Swarovski Atelier, Berry Brothers, Bowers & Wilkins, National Gallery, Wings over Asia, Gryphon, Christofle, Partners & Mucciaccia, EC Proof. Remainder spent on activation - Venue, F&B, Entertainment, Gifting (bespoke gifts for each guest for each event such as personalised gold embossed leather luggage tags and passport holders)

Creative Execution

Imagine taking a seat in a vintage Austin Healey MKIII, an MG TB or Jaguar XK150, feeling the hard-stitched leather seats and bespoke carved steering wheel? Or picture the opportunity of sliding into the pilot seat of a Diamond DA42 Twin Star or N360 series Bombardier private jet, not on loan to the public. The Origins of Luxury event series gave newly signed Jade members the opportunity to do just that from July 2017 to August 2018 Additional invite only experiences that featured across the series included: - The opportunity to wear one of thirty five time pieces from Chopard’s private Mille Miglia collection. A collection that had never been on display before in Asia - To sparkle for the night in Swarovski’s Atelier collection, with vintage pieces from Chistopher Kane, Rodarte and Karl Lagerfeld - A human library experience that explored private art collections including a EUR3m Marc Chagall

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

Campaign ROI of 37.77 vs industry average ROI of 1.09 (Nielson) - 37x or 3777% Invite only attendees: 311 95% Attendance from RSVP vs business average of 80% 99.5% experience rating as good to excellent vs business average of 85% 93% clients think more favourably of HSBC and will recommend HSBC to friends and family 94% clients think more favourably of HSBC post experience 83% customers wanted to find out about HSBC products post experience or were more likely to invest further with HSBC PR 2 x paid media - Robb Report & Tatler Organic PR reach 1.8m (Tatler, Prestige, The Peak, Robb Report, Luxuo and Art Republik). Jade Hong Kong clients requested to attend the Singapore events. Jade customers quoted that events are "a cut above the rest of the banks". (ROI calculated from PR value, partnership value and client investment generated from 4 events)

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

The invite only Origins of Luxury activations are a series of four highly-curated creative experiences which unlocked the private archives of global luxury brands to share the rich history and stories behind prized luxury objects. Access to such archives, seldom exposed to the public, gave HSBC Jade clients an exclusive and privileged introduction and insight into coveted luxury items, offering a rare opportunity to learn about their heritage and to immerse themselves in the products, for a moment in time, as if the product were theirs.

We applied audience insights and our proprietary neuroscience methodology to the experience design process, to ensure attention was earned, kept and processed into our audience’s long-term memories. A series, versus a one off event, allows for a unified theme, additional PR opportunities and stronger product recall. The first step was to gain attention by filling the audience with a sense of intrigue. Our target audience were 45-65 year olds, SGD$1.5 - 5 million asset worth, predominantly males who over index on fine dining. This audience could buy themselves any Michelin star dinner and smaller luxury good. To earn their attention, we need to give them access to something slightly out of reach. People always want what they can’t have. So strategically for each event in the series, we gave them one night’s access to the things they can’t quite reach, creating bespoke experiences to drive brand advocacy and sign ups.


Name Company Position
Kristy Castleton Rebel and Soul Brand Strategist
Sharon Lee Quintessentially Experience Production
Malati Singh Quintessentially Experience Production
Simon Cummin Rebel and Soul Creative Technologist
Nadia Dali Quintessentially Experience Manager
Fred Tay Quintessentially Experience Manager
Puneeta Singh Quintessentially PR Director
Rydell Tan Quintessentially Experience Manager
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