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The Campaign

The brand changed its name and logo to Misis Donut. “Misis” is a Filipino term for “Missus” and is widely used as a term to refer to your wife. Since “Mister” is an integral identity of the brand, we leveraged this identity to give the spotlight to the mothers who have continually supported our brand and to make their visit to our stores feel more special. We, quite literally, dedicated our entire brand to them.

The Brief

The overall budget for the effort was PhP 1 million divided into the following: PhP 400,000 on production of the signage; PhP 100,000 on production of the other collaterals (merchandise, packaging, uniform); PhP 50,000 on labor; PhP 200,000 on Facebook media placement; PhP 120,000 on documentation; and PhP 130,000 on freebies for mothers who visited the stores.

Creative Execution

More than 2,000 stores and kiosks all over the country changed their signage, uniform, and packaging during the Mother’s Day weekend. On digital, the brand also changed its name, logo, and voice to introduce Misis Donut to celebrate mothers.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

The effort resulted in an increase of Mother’s Day sale by 7% compared to last year’s Mother’s Day sales. It also increased the brand's scores on key market attributes like P3M (+13%), P4W (+7%), and BUMO (+10%) versus the previous quarter. There was also a 16% increase in brand usage during the month after the campaign versus the previous month (based on Q2, 2018 Brand Health Tracking). On digital, it became the most viral campaign of the brand to date. It gained an estimated online reach of 26 million and a 4,000% increase in online brand mentions. The brand also registered the second highest engagement rate on its Facebook page at 5.40% with minimal investment. During the month of May 2018, the brand created the highest mentions in the donut category in the country.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

The word “Mister” is a ubiquitous identity for the brand and has become an integral part of every campaign it creates. The brand has stores and kiosks all over the country, which are always located near bus stations and inside malls. Changing the name and logo of the brand through its signage creates an immediate disruption to the everyday scene of a regular Filipino. The name change is also something Filipinos can immediately recognize and relate to, like an inside joke that only our brand has said out loud.

Mothers have always been the primary consumers of the brand. They view the products as a simple reward for their children, as a small treat to bring home after work for the family, or as a weekend snack. We wanted to give thanks to our most loyal customers – mothers -- by dedicating our entire brand to her. Since the Mother’s Day weekend is a time for bonding among families, our name change will see a large foot traffic as our stores and kiosks are located in malls, bus stops, and areas where families frequently visit during weekends.


Name Company Position
Jake Tesoro FCB Manila Chief Operating Officer / Chief Creative Officer
Mark Ngo FCB Manila Creative Director
Edward Baltazar FCB Manila Senior Art Director
Paulyne Gonzales FCB Manila Copywriter
Jay Pagkatotohan FCB Manila Copywriter
Jade Suayan FCB Manila Art Director
Glenn Mantilla FCB Manila Final Artist
Lou Santos FCB Manila VP for Client Services
Jerry Cifra FCB Manila Digital Director
Ulyssis Enrico FCB Manila Account Director
Justine Savet FCB Manila Account Manager
Lizette Santos FCB Manila Chief Operating Officer / VP for Strategy
Bebs Abrillo FCB Manila Strategy Planning Director
Lubern Luna FCB Manila Senior Social Media Analyst
Arvino Yanuario FCB Manila Freelance Art Director