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CategoryA03. Healthcare
Idea Creation PROXIMITY CHINA Shanghai, CHINA


Name Company Position
Nicole ma Proximity Advertising (Shanghai) Co., Ltd Chief Creative Director
Charles Xu Proximity Advertising (Shanghai) Co., Ltd Group Head
Paper Li Proximity Advertising (Shanghai) Co., Ltd Senior copywriter
Grace Xu Proximity Advertising (Shanghai) Co., Ltd Senior Art Directoror
Grace Yu BBDO Shanghai Head of Production

The Campaign

The work’s core creative idea comes from the fact that the medical symptom ‘allergic reaction’ could be categorized medically as a specific freak reaction. Based on the semantic diversity of the term ‘freak’, we are able to connect the word’s implication in social context, which is similar to ‘geek’ or ‘weirdo’, to its meaning in medical context and make jokes around it. The campaign is therefore organized with a basic theme of finding and curing modern ‘freaks’. By extending reasons that cause allergy from physiological stimulation to psychological stimulation, we create amusing everyday life allergy symptoms such as ‘Wi-Fi allergy’ and ‘work allergy’ to draw consumers’ attention, and then design interactive game episodes correspondingly for offline events.

The Brief


Creative Execution

For this work, Clarityne cooperates with China’s No.1 knowledge exchange social media platform Zhihu to build an offline clinic ‘Clarityne Allergic Freak Department’ for Zhihu’s Unknown Clinic program. The offline site is located in Shanghai, one of the most economically and culturally influential cities in the country, but with the strong support of Zhihu’s e-community, the influence of this work is nationwide. As for execution, specifically, we set up interactive devices in the clinic and create interesting allergen interpretations to boost consumers’ interest and engagement. Meanwhile, we also build a full episode of ‘getting diagnosed (via H5 test) – getting personal prescription – getting cured’ for the audience to play along, take pictures, post and share on their personal social accounts.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

With the linguistic joke about ‘allergy’ and ‘freak reaction’, the work successfully associates the message of ‘specialized in fast relief allergy symptoms’ with Clarityne in a fun and impressive way. As a result, the campaign overfulfills all KPIs with an overall impression over 38 million, a total click around 1.1 million, an engagement rate at 24.2% and a total share rate at 17.8%. During the campaign period, screenshots of H5 test result and photos in the offline clinic site become incredibly viral on social media, which reflects a boost of brand awareness. The O2O crossover with Zhihu also considerably transforms the brand image, along with which the brand’s association among consumers also shifts from being purely functional into being caring and humane. Last but not least, the work demonstrates positive energy when facing hard time in everyday life, expressing an attitude of ‘dare to be positive’.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

For OTC category, how to deliver rational and professional information about products in a way that is interactive and with emotion has always been a big challenge. This work, based on a unique interpretation of allergy and an O2O crossover with social media platform Zhihu, considerably transforms Clarityne’s brand image from a serious medical product into a humorous caring therapist. It manages to introduce the client’s brand in an interesting and impressive way, delivering positive energy along with commercial advertisement as well as building a positive emotional bond between the brand and consumers.

The work’s targeted consumers are various groups of allergic people from all age levels who, at the same time, are also modern internet citizens that are used to get answers from Baidu and Zhihu. As for approaches, we manage to build a fun clinic called ‘Clarityne Allergic Freak Department’ through a crossover with Zhihu’s Unknown Clinic (Clarityne x Zhihu). Based on this offline site, we then use the influence of Zhihu community to boost the share of voice on social media platforms such as wechat and weibo, creating an online and offline closed-loop interactive communication to increase brand awareness amongst targeted audience.


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