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The Campaign

Books and knowledges are like the light which shows us the wisdom and direction, reading is exactly a trip of chasing the light. We take the theme of #chase the light# and use the art of light and shadow to present the wonderful journey brought by reading, comparing the black-and-white world of light and shadow to Kindle's black-and-white reading experience which is pure and wonderful. We use ordinary objects to create a sharp contrast art experience with the amazing visual effects, giving people a stunning sensory feeling.

The Brief

The total expenditure of the media is 1.3 million. To achieve the highest effect under the limited budget, we only choose one paid media, which is "10PM reading". For other media outlets, we have chosen the form of Kindle's own social media resources, brand collaboration and resource replacement. That's why we can achieve the media communication goal at a very low media costs.

Creative Execution

With the theme of #Chasethelight we built a unique art installation experience of light and shadow for Kindle. We build an artistic device with daily necessities, project wonderful images on the wall under the illumination of a moving light source, and tell the story of a man's magical journey into the world of books through reading. We made the Campaign TVC with this device projection, and revealed the production process of these devices through behind-the-scenes video. uring the week of World Book Day, we launch the art experience at a Beijing landmark Shopping mall. The audiences to the art experience can also participate in the mobile punch interaction, collect credits at Reading themed booths and get rewards. Through the live streaming show of influencers, people in other cities can also watch the experience and join the weibo topic #Chasethelight online.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

All video views during the campaign period reach 17.6 million. Social platform: the total coverage is 159 million people, with total clicks of 31.5 million. Online exposure: the total coverage is 94.2 million people, with total clicks of 6.1 million. Sales of Kindle products during the activity period were 124% of the average sales volume in the previous three months.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

Reading is like a journey chasing the light. The black and white of light and shadow are like the reading experience from Kindle electronic ink screen, a simple world of black and white can be wonderful. We use the art of light and shadow to tell a story which shows a boy’s journey through reading, exploring a better world. People through online videos and offline physical experiences can discover how wonderful the world of reading can be, even if it's only black and white. By experiencing the art and product, consumers can purchase the device online or at the event.

The main audience is all the young people who like new things, new experiences and literary temperament, including the Kindle fans (Kindler) who have always followed. At the same time, the target audience also includes more targeted readers - all those who love reading and have a passion for reading. This segment of the population constitutes the audience and potential audience of the Kindle. We need to arouse their attention through this unique experience, arouse the importance of reading and emotional resonance, give them an opportunity to experience of the product special features optimized for reading and then promote the Kindle device attention and purchase rate.


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Mao Chao Innokids Communications Limited Founder and CEO
Wang Cong Innokids Communications Limited Creative Partner
Liu Yang Innokids Communications Limited Account Manager
Wang Panpan Innokids Communications Limited Account Executive
Zheng Yinling Innokids Communications Limited Account Executive
Gao Peng Innokids Communications Limited Art Director
E Jingxin Innokids Communications Limited Copywriter
Wang Xiaodong Innokids Communications Limited Copywriter
Yang Ying Innokids Communications Limited Designer
Zhou Zixiang Innokids Communications Limited Video Producer
Treeman Liu Innokids Communications Limited Executive Producer
AIBA SHIORI Innokids Communications Limited Installation Artist
Wei Yao Hsu Innokids Communications Limited Director
KAMIMURA MEGUMI Innokids Communications Limited Vice Director
Tony Xu Innokids Communications Limited Tech Director
Maggie Jiang Innokids Communications Limited Producer
Dami Innokids Communications Limited Photography
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