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Product / ServiceBACON POTATO PIE
CategoryC05. Customer Retail / In-Store Experience
Production TYO MONSTER Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Tadashi Inoue Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokyo Creative Director
Masayuki Tanaka Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokyo Senior Copywriter
Mikiko Hisamichi Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokyo Art Director
Yuichiro Nabetani Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokyo Art Director
Hiroki Mashima Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokyo Film Producer
Kohei Kobayashi Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokyo Assistant Film Producer
Masayuki Namiki Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokyo Group Account Director
Naoki I Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokyo Senior Account Executive
Daiki Furukawa Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokyo Account Executive
Keisuke Motomatsu TYO/Monster Producer
Takahiro Maeda TYO/Monster Producer
Eriko Machida TYO/Monster Production Manager
Ayaka Arita TYO/Monster Production Manager
Daihachi Yoshida freelance Director
Yoichi Kamakari freelance Cameraman
Yasushi Miyao freelance Lightman
Moeno Fujimoto Nouvelle Vague Art Designer
Mie Minagawa freelance Stylist
Megumi Sugita freelance Hair and Make-up
Hanako Sakonju Office Miyata Cooking Stylist
Kumiko Hosokawa Office Yoshikawa Casting
Toru Midorikawa Melody Punch Music Producer
Tomoko Maeda freelance Off-line Editor
Yuta Sato Image Studio 109 On-line Editor
Toshimasa Yanagihara freelance Sound Effect
Tadao Tasai freelance Recording
Jun Tanaka Imagica Colorist
Erick Rosa Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokyo Chief Creative Officer
Ron Smith Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokyo Executive Creative Director
Greg Jones Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokyo Group Account Director

The Campaign

We changed its name from BACON POTATO PIE to HAHON HOHAHO HIE. This was to enhance its “hotness” that makes people can’t speak when they bite it.

The Brief

Overall budget 145 million JPY Breakdown of costs -Media (TV, Digital) 110 million JPY -Production 35 million JPY Paid Media budget 110 million JPY

Creative Execution

We printed this new, unique product name on every single material such as packages, posters, menu, and even on the receipt.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

This unique name caused dramatic responses on twitter, news sites, YouTube, and on TV shows. The more the news spread, the more it drove people to the restaurants: ·x 2 - Headlined twice at Yahoo! Japan ·No.1 - Became the No.1 trending topic on twitter ·No.1 - The most tweeted product name in McDonald’s Japan’s history ·JPY169 million - Over JPY169 million in earned media ·x 2.5 - Total sales was 2.5 times more than last year ·0 - all stocks were sold out

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

We made a bold decision to change the product name of Bacon Potato Pie for a limited time to win attention and encourage people to try it, including those who had never tasted this McDonald’s menu item before. We applied the idea on every single touchpoint, from conventional advertising to restaurant merchandizing and packaging – even on sales receipts. The naming idea spread via SNS posts and through the simple fun of ordering the pie at McDonald’s restaurants.

The strategy behind this idea was to regain attentions from our target audience; teens and 20s who were not familiar with BACON POTATO PIE since it had been out of regular menu since 2002 and revived only once in 2016. Our intention was to make this product’s image fresh and new, instead of just classic.