Product / ServiceEQUINOX
CategoryA05. Automotive

The Campaign

Combining thoughts of living conditions of Chinese urbanites and the SUV property born with Chevrolet Equinox, we find a special entry point “The Scent of Nature”, which makes city filled with the scent of nature and wake up people’s yearning for nature.

The Brief


Creative Execution

We commissioned international Discovery cameramen to collect unique scents from the world, and invited professional perfumers to reproduce the scents. Meanwhile, we put up posters with scent devices and intriguing scent vending machines in 8 subway stations in China.In order to enhance the influence of the campaign, we also carried out a series of online promotional activities such as teasing posters/celebrity supporting/Weibo topics/H5 promotion and APP cooperation.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

Through a month of integrated marketing communication: - 25,582 people participated in the live events - 270 million exposures online totally - Weibo index increased by 6,274% - 10 pieces of free mainstream media coverage - Over 1,727 new leads

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

First of all, we have created bespoke scent posters and scent vending machine in busiest subway stations, which enables wide audience to experience the nature and take the “scent balls” for free. Also, we turned the offline immersive experience into a scenic spot by creating online community and social content cooperation. Additional on that, e-commerce platforms were leveraged to sell those “scent balls”, which enables wider audience to experience it. In this case, we integrated online and offline communication that delivers authentic experience as well as online engagement.

Our target audience is the rising middle-class citizens, who desire to jump out of routine lives and discover new things. However, for the most of them, there are few opportunities to explore those remote places. Therefore, in order to demonstrate the product benefits that Equinox can empower audience to explore the unknow with confidence, we cooperated with Discovery channel to bring the unusual natural scent into urban environment. By locating the offline activation on hi-traffic subway station, we showed consumer that they can experience the unexpected life with Equinox. Also, with the support of social activation, we maximized the influence among wider audience.


Name Company Position
Ronald Sun McCann Worldgroup shanghai CO-CEO
Luca Yuan McCann Worldgroup shanghai General Manager
Maurice Fang McCann Worldgroup shanghai Executive Creative Director
Tongtao Su McCann Worldgroup shanghai Group Creative Director
Terry Pan McCann Worldgroup shanghai Copywriter
Rubber Yu McCann Worldgroup shanghai Art Director
Roger Fang McCann Worldgroup shanghai Art Director
Jiajun Tong McCann Worldgroup shanghai Art Director
Jiechun Fu McCann Worldgroup shanghai Art Director
Krad Dong McCann Worldgroup shanghai Account Management
Cherry Gao McCann Worldgroup shanghai Account Management
Celine Zhu McCann Worldgroup shanghai Account Management