CategoryA13. Not-for-profit / Charity / Government
EntrantADK Tokyo, JAPAN
Idea Creation ADK Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Satoshi Otsuka ADK Creative Director
Tatsuya Honda ADK Copywriter
Hiroyuki Kubo ADK Art Director
Yasuhiro Kubo ADK Strategic Planner
Mizuki Takenouchi ADK Strategic Planner
Tomofumi Ueda ADK Event Producer
Yuta Kaneko ADK Planner
Satoshi Ishido ADK Account Executive
Masakazu Sasaki Bravo Event Planner
Sako Anze Bravo Event Planner
Marika Ishikawa Bravo Event Planner
Hiroshi Sato Bravo Event Planner
Ryuya Kimura Material PR Director
Shunta Tada Material PR Planner
Sumika Ishizaki Material PR Planner
Naohiro Tsukada Independent Photographer
Jun Nagai Independent Film Director
Dai Kusakabe Independent Web Director

The Campaign

The idea is simple. Bringing global-scale huge problems to everyday life. We created the future cuisine based on the scientific reports on the global warming and opened an event named "Future Restaurant IBUKI". The aim is to stimulate the imagination for the future where global warming continue through cooking. By doing so, we could attract the attention to the efforts of the satellite IBUKU who observes this problem.

The Brief

Overall budget was 3 million JPY (=around 30,000 USD) which means that we couldn't have any budget for media buying or large-scale creative. 5,000 USD was used for developing menu and meals, 15,000 USD for the event, and 10,000 for PR. We don't have any paid media budget.

Creative Execution

“Future Cuisine Restaurant IBUKI” was a small pop-up restaurant opened just for one day, in the heart of Tokyo. People gathered around there having an expectation for “the future that JAXA has imagined”. Despite this hopeful anticipation, what we offered was weird dishes that “we may well be eating if global warming continues”. A total of five future meals shook Japan and went buzz throughout the country. A tiny 20-seat restaurant became one of the most well-known place in Tokyo and that news was covered nationwide.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

187% awareness increase of IBUKI project among 20s 100+ articles was born in Japan 5+ million dollars earned media 50+ million media impression 58% of people feels higher concerns toward global warming than before 62% getting familiar with satellite IBUKI

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

This initiative directly connected a brand and targets even though they are normally super far from each other; a satellite in the space and people on the earth. In order to not only let them know the brand but also change people's mind/behavior, we needed a strong and direct brand-related experience and it actually worked as strong activation by the news of that unique experience which spread throughout the country.

The primary target was the youth. They are less concerned about global warming because this issue has been around and alerted so many time in a very formal way from the time they were born. What even more difficult, was the budget. We do not have enough resources to use rich media. So, we created the bold strategy: make happening in real field and create strong visual to get it easy to be shared among the target.

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