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Idea Creation TOKYU AGENCY INC. Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Azusa Yoshihara Tokyu Agency Inc. Account Executive
Eri Sakamoto Tokyu Agency Inc. Account Executive
Kenichiro Shoji Tokyu Agency Inc. Activation Director
Ryusuke Iwata Tokyu Agency Inc. Activation Planner / Director
Shun Kadoi Tokyu Agency Inc. Activation Planner
Hiroyuki Takahashi Tokyu Agency Inc. Executive Creative Director
Toru Fukui Tokyu Agency Inc. Creative Director / Copywriter
Yui Uchida Tokyu Agency Inc. Planner
Tatsuya Yoshio Tokyu Agency Inc. PR Director
Mitsuyo Demura Konel Inc. Producer

The Campaign

Japan’s first offline Amazon store - Amazon Matching Bar. At this bar, there is no menu. Given the overwhelming number of alcohol varieties available, listing them out was not possible. Instead, alcohol was recommended to guests based on what they were in the mood for. A bar with no menu, the Amazon Matching Bar. Where you’re bound to discover great alcohol that you have yet to come across.

The Brief

No paid media was used - a key characteristic of this event. The pop-up bar was only announced through Amazon Japan’s website (owned media). Rental: 1.2 million USD*10 days:12 million USD Production: 30 million USD System production: 5 million USD Operations: 1 million USD*10 days: 10 million USD Casting: 3 million USD Paid Media:0 USD ---------------------------------------------------------- Total:60 million USD

Creative Execution

1:Opened in Tokyo’s most upmarket shopping district, Ginza 2:Upon entering the bar, customers will walk through a corridor display made up of a small number of alcohol 3:Past the corridor is the ordering system that is a 360° display masterpiece made up of about 10,000 types of alcohol 4:Once the ordering system is activated, customers will answer 6 questions related to their current mood 5:Customers will be recommended alcohol that matches their mood analysis 6:Receipts issued come with a QR code, and customers can choose to make their purchase at the bar or online 7:At the food area, customers can enjoy light meals, live music and talk shows ·A large-scale bar that takes up a considerable 520 square meters ·10-day pop-up Amazon Matching Bar

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

Without the use of paid media, the bar’s opening was announced one week before launch on Amazon Japan’s website. On opening day, the waiting time ran up to 2 hours, and extended to 4 hours post-opening day. The bar’s popularity led to exposure and talkability on social networks and other media sources - Amazon Japan’s website traffic increased by 150% compared to the previous year. Over 95% of customer satisfaction was achieved. A first-of-its-kind event in the alcohol industry, the Amazon Matching Bar created talkability not only among consumers but also among professionals from various related industries. Most importantly, a win-win relationship was established between both the alcohol manufacturers and distributor (Amazon) - buzz and talkability in exchange for offering competitive prices.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

Amazon is constantly changing the lifestyles of consumers. This time, Amazon is looking to build a new way of enjoying alcohol in Japan. With Amazon’s recommendations algorithm, consumers are able to discover new alcohol previously not known to them. Expanding on this thought of discovering new alcohol, we created a visually astounding exhibition that provided an unbelievably large variety of alcohol to consumers. In addition, we also introduced a “matching tool” that provided a new and fun way for customers to discover alcohol.

People who are fond of Amazon, as well as those who are interested in technology and gadgets. These consumers seek recognition from those around them, wanting to be known as someone who keeps up with the latest information, and is able to hold conversations with others about the latest and newest. We focused on 4 key points that were easy to communicate. 1:Japan’s first offline Amazon store 2:A bar with no menu. Instead, the ordering system is based on your mood 3:Taste analysis tool (ordering system) developed based on Amazon's recommendation algorithm 4:Alcohol that is rarely available and not sold at general merchandise stores or convenience stores are available at the Amazon Matching Bar The dissemination of this information was focused on technology and gadget-related media.