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Idea Creation 2 HANCOMM Seoul, SOUTH KOREA

The Campaign

With “My First Flame” we wanted to make it a “first” for everybody. Visually impaired students got to meet the Olympic and Paralympic torch and its flame for the first time in their lives. People coming to our exhibition would meet the flames through the senses of a visually impaired person for the first time. As the official supplier of flames of the PyeongChang2018 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Hanwha wanted the students to “see” their first flames as something positive. We linked it as an equal to the passion for their dreams, associating it with playtools such as building blocks. For people who already know what a flame looks like, we created a new environment of pitch blackness. This temporary but drastic experience was phrased into a journey, which helped visitors “see” the torch from a “different point of view”.

The Brief

7 schools, 11983 students, twelve thousand building block sets 1290km traveling distance and a 2 month special exhibition reaching more than six thousand people. The whole campaign, lasting for a total of 7 months, was executed with a budget of three hundred million won, which is around two hundred fifty thousand dollars, including production of the after film. Each (the Flame Class, the exhibition, the after film) took a third of the whole budget, and none was applied for media.

Creative Execution

In the first project, Hanwha visited rural schools and schools of the visually impaired, teaching children about the torch relays. Building blocks were used to express their own “flames”, passionate dreams in their hearts. Students easily interacted with the new concept of “flames” and the Olympic torch, expressing their interpretation of it. In the second project, an exhibition was organized with the exhibition group <Dialogue in the Dark>. In the 100-minute tour, the participants were encouraged to use their senses to the fullest –except sight. During the “journey”, they encountered a torch relay, showing them what it’s like to see the Olympics like a visually impaired person. At the end of the trip, participants wrote cheering messages to Paralympic athletes, which were more sincere after the exhibition. At the end, a student from the Flame Class was selected to run as the representative of Hanwha in the Paralympic torch relay.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

Participating as the PyeongChang2018 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games official supplier of torches and flames, Hanwha taught 11983 students about the Olympic torch, its flame and the spirit of passion it upholds. In the <Dialogue in the Dark> exhibition, we challenged 6,186 visitors to break their bias about the visually impaired and overall conveyed the company’s key philosophies of challenge and passion. The exhibition, due to its popularity was extended for a month. The after film of the Flame Class gained over 70 thousand organic views. The Korean Paralympic Committee presented Hanwha with a Paralympic torch as a token of appreciation for these efforts. The PyeongChang2018 Paralympic Winter Games opening ceremony went on to reach 120% of its original ticket sales goal, to set a new record in Korean Paralympics history.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

“My First Flame” was about letting people know that Hanwha was the official supplier of torches and fireworks of the PyeongChang2018 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. But taking it one step further, Hanwha, well known for its radiant fireworks shows and commercials about passion, wanted to convey its corporate message of challenge and dreams. And as the official supplier of flames, wanted to make sure that the warmth of that flame reaches everybody. Throughout the projects, we embedded messages Hanwha wanted to send to the public and through the viral film, reached out to other parts of the world.

Having concerned itself for the visually impaired people and having donated 670 thousand braille calendars for the past 18 years, Hanwha thought of including visually impaired people in this project from the start. As of the fact that they literally could not see the Olympic and Paralympic Games as well as the torch relays, Hanwha hoped to improve their understanding of the Games. Along with that, the company was set to raise awareness of visually impaired people and the Paralympic Games to the non-impaired people who normally don’t encounter such events every day. Thus Hanwha aimed to make the flame that they made for the PyeongChang2018 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games truly “shine for everyone”, just like the official slogan said it should.


Name Company Position
Jiyoung Park Hanwha Director
Sangsun Yoo Hanwha Head of Department
Youngmin Kim Hancomm Director
Taerae Kim Hancomm Head of Department
Joonhyung Chung FM Communications Director
Minkyu Han FM Communications Deputy Head of Department
Myeonghwa Seo FM Communications Deputy Head of Department
Hyeonsu Kim FM Communications Assistant Manager
Gi Won Lee FM Communications Assistant Manager
Jiwoong Lee Creator's Group NAL CEO
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