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Name Company Position
Seung Joon Chang digitalDigm Chief Creative Officer
Sung Joon Park digitalDigm Account Director
Heui Jin Han digitalDigm Creative Director
Junseok Oh digitalDigm Copywriter
Jun Youg Nam digitalDigm Agency Producer
Inhwan Rex Jung digitalDigm Agency Producer
Eun Joo Shin digitalDigm Account Supervisor
Young Hoon Jeong digitalDigm Account Supervisor
Jae young Yoon digitalDigm Account Manager

The Campaign

To provide a lively experience we used the MR experience (Mixed Reality) technology. Participants could experience 3 different MR places of city, ski jump and universe and through those places we could show Audi’s 4 different advanced technologies effectively which are Piloted driving, Matrix LED headlights, virtual cockpit and lunar quattro.

The Brief


Creative Execution

From 13th to 21st of Jan, We proceed ‘Audi MR Experience” at the heart of Seoul. For the optimized experience, we designed the booth that accommodates six to eight participants. We installed 12 LCD Projectors to synchronize screen on cube. Thanks to Kinetic system, 6 movement trackers and other hardware, we could track every single movement of customer and react upon their motions.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

During the 9 days of event, 2,033 visitors came to experience MR on Audi booth. Making Film of MR experience posted on Audi Korea's YouTube channel and Facebook's official channel and it recorded more than 3.3 million views and over three thousand likes, also the content shared by people itself. The Audi limited edition emoticons for campaign participant as rewards were exhausted and received a hot response. MR Experience was branding experience which could spread message of ‘Progress never stops’ effectively and communicate with many fans of brand.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

We tried to give customers the experience of Audi's unique technology such as Piloted driving, virtual cockpit and lunar quattro in an innovative way. So, we used “Mixed Reality” that recently introduced in digital world as ‘new-trendy tech’. Thanks to MR technology we were able to give special experience that customer feel as real. And most of all, we were able to promote the brand’s core value, “Progress never stops”. Audi Korea’s progress is still ongoing and will never stop.

2018 Audi’s brand campaign under the slogan of “Progress never stops” was started from the idea to let people experience Audi's Progress in an interactive way. And we focused on new “technology” that convey our effort and passion toward progress. We were searching for progressive technology that let experience directly and indirectly. After we decided to make a contents to show the progressive technology as our brand, we have used MR (Mixed Reality) which has become an issue in the media recently.

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