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Idea Creation ISOBAR CHINA GROUP Shanghai, CHINA

The Campaign

Personal grooming is still relatively a new topic in China. And for the majority of the male population, it can be a little daunting to experience and understand the myriads of styles one can have. What if we utilize the latest technologies to help our consumers find their magic instead. Meet Lynx Magic Salon, a futuristic “salon” that applies Artificial Intelligence and robotics to educate about skincare and grooming styles, and along the way talk about the brand and its products.

The Brief

Installation production: 800,000 RMB. Event admission and Salon setup: 500,000 RMB. Paid media: 500,000 RMB.

Creative Execution

Unlike the usual neighborhood salon, what you find here might look like something that came from the future. An interactive mirror that is actually an AI-powered Skin Analyzer. A robotic styling booth that helps to create the perfect style for you. From making sure your skin looks its best, to helping you achieve the perfect look, the LYNX Magic Salon is all about helping you make your own magic, with a futuristic touch. And we took the Salon to the road, to the hippest places and exhibitions, where we dished out plenty of magic, and won fans along the way with our digital innovations. All this with a not-so-typical Salon.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

Over 50,000 impressions. Over 600 consumers experienced the salon in 3 days, 3 minutes each person on average. 65% of participants shared the experience with friends after the event. Feedbacks from consumer survey are positive: >96.92% of participants feel great about their experiences. >72.31% of participants love the experiences. >96.92% of participants percept LYNX as a cool & fashion brand.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

LYNX Magic Salon is an interactive styling installation that was designed to create a unique and memorable brand experience for our Chinese audience. Through innovative digital technologies, the Salon builds on the brand’s vision of helping Chinese men find their own magic through entertaining interaction with the Salon.

More and more post 90s Chinese male living in the first and second tier cities are looking for help to create their own styles. LYNX provides these target young people with a fun and impressive interactive experience created by innovative technologies where they could find their own magic.


Name Company Position
Francis Lam Isobar China Group Chief Digital Officer
Lokfu Wong Isobar China Group Sr. Interaction Designer
Qichen He Isobar China Group Technical Director
Henry Soon Isobar China Group Creative Director
Fang Chou Isobar China Group Associate Creative Director
Chris Zhou Isobar China Group Deputy General Manager
Travis Zhou Isobar China Group Account Director
Kenny Huang Isobar China Group Senior Account Manager
Alvin Huang Isobar China Group Chief Executive Officer
Chris Chen Isobar China Group Chief Creative Officer
Cindy Shen Isobar China Group Executive Creative Director
Raisinghani Gaurav Unilever China Global Director
Wills Wang Unilever China Senior Brand Manager