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Name Company Position
Nao Yashiro Hakuhodo DY digital Inc. Creative Director
Naho Uchiyama Hakuhodo DY digital Inc. Communication Planner
Kazuya Miyoshi Churun company Director
Shinichi Yamaguchi Churun company Production Manager

The Campaign

¦Solution GoogleStoreVisit enabled measurement of the number of people who watched our ads and visited a store. ¦Criteria for qualifying foot traffic Traffic was counted when a user who watched our video until the end visited the store within 30 days. ¦A story optimized to leverage GoogleStoreVisit A story that destroyed convention and expectations was created to appeal to audiences who don’t want to watch ads in the first place. ·Starring actress was a renowned voice actress Masako Nozawa. ·Masako Nozawa appeared in the video as herself, rather than an anime character, and showed live person acting that nobody has seen before. ·Unprecedented attempts generated great buzz on social media, such as she expressing the internet speed with only her voice, and trying to disguise as a young idol voice actress despite being an 82-years-old veteran voice actress.

The Brief

¦Overall budget Approximately 200 million yen. ¦Breakdown of costs Production cost of 8 movies is about 35 million yen. ¦Paid Media budget The advertising fee on Youtube is about 165 million yen.

Creative Execution

The point of execution is "FAST & SCRAP theory". It makes videos evaluated not by how many people view them, but rather by how they move people. F: Focus We focused on targets who had high potential for visit to the store. A: Action The number of views in videos are now the things money can buy. Since it is important creating actions such as searching, posting and sharing as well as making them actually visit, we carefully aim to motivate them. S: Search People are led to search by the ads that spread through people and internet. T: Tracking GoogleStoreVisit is used to measure how movies effect on people's visits. We weekly watched the responds of each targets and adjust the delivery. SCRAP: Unexpected creative Strange stories that scraps all convention push up Youtube's creative scores and make the ads win a bidding.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

·Retail store visits: 424,858 people, which was double the initial objective.(100 days) In addition, it recorded 758,315 visits in a total of 198 days from 2017/12/15 to 2018/6/30. Although KPI = 500 yen / per-visit, it showed pretty good cost performance of 231 yen less than half price. ·Customer acquisition goals were met for the first time in a while in January 2018. ·Incredible outcomes were seen on social media, such as 13,880 Likes and 9,900 Retweets. And many reactions from aboard were seen on social media. ·The total views of 8 movies are over 30,740,000. ·The total impressions of 8 movies are over 140,976,000. ·Despite YoutubeAds which is less easily clicked media, CTR recorded a maximum of 0.56%.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

Video ads only make sense if they move people. We see them through smartphones with continually moving. It is possible to take people to the retail shop by tracking our moving touch points with the help of mobile technology. In other words, this is a case where a person who has touched the story-telling advertisement gets the brand experience and are driven to visit the store by the technology.

¦Target audience Key to audience targeting: “358” 3: Users of three mobile phone careers (au, docomo, softbank) 5: 5 motivations (faster internet connection, better web streaming, moving house, money saving, interest in optical fiber internet) 8: Prepared 8 videos and released them in sequence to keep fans engaged ("Multiple production and sequenced release" strategy) ¦Approach 1.We examined what kind of person is the target and what kind of appeal is effective with about 30 patterns of banners. As a result, ·the above 5 motivations ·2 appealing points ·KPI = 500 yen/per-visit became clear. 2. As a result of an unconventional optimization that lowered the frequency cap, the rareness of the video was increased, overexposure and annoyance was prevented, and audiences were motivated to actively searched for the movies.

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