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CategoryA06. Retail
Media Placement MINDSHARE CHINA Shanghai, CHINA
Media Placement 2 KINETIC WORLDWIDE Shanghai, CHINA


Name Company Position
Ian Toombs \ Vivian Yong Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Executive Creative Director
Vivian Yong Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Executive Creative Director
Okan Usta Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Creative Director
Hesky Lu Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Creative Director
Josh King Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Creative
Aier Xu Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Junior Copywriter
Sanne Drogtrop Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Head of Integrated Productions
Xiong Xiong Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Digital Producer
Rhys Turner Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Senior Web Developer
Leon Lin Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Senior Planner
Carina Huang Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Planner
Dino Xu Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Business Director
Qinna Ye Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Senior Account Manager
Xueer Ren Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Senior Account Executive
Nicole Bee Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Head of Project Management
Jessica Deng \ Kathy Zhan Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Business Affairs
Fish Ho Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Head of Design
Helen Yu Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Designer
Jennifer Xhu Kinetic Head of OOH Team
Pierre Xu Kinetic OOH Lead and Project Coordinator
Him Chow Kinetic OOH Manager
Tendayi Chivero Mindshare Head of Media Strategy

The Campaign

To communicate Nike global message ‘Running makes the world go round’, we hijacked the spherical metro city globe building in Shanghai and turned it into an interactive spinning globe that made runners literally feel on top of the world. A manifesto animated on top of the visuals to deliver a strong message to China of the power of running, and encouraged everyone across the nation to get out there and run.

The Brief

No budget details are allowed to be disclosed due to confidentiality.

Creative Execution

On top of the building we installed a 5 metre invisible screen. Across the road runners could run on a treadmill and magically (live mapping) appear on top of the building. The quicker you ran, the quicker you made the world go round. The spectacle was live for 2 hours.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

As the action played out on the ground, online over 2 million people across China were tuning into the Weibo livestream in less then 2 hours, while the next day, local Sports TV and youth platforms carried coverage of the stunt. Over a 2 day period the total online & offline impressions stood at 104 million.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

The stunt gave runners a once in a lifetime experience. It put runners literally on top of the world and the manifesto encouraged all the spectators to run and feel as if the smallest movement would move a mountain, or in our case, the world.

How could we tell people the power of running and inspire them to go for a run? Running could not just give people a stronger body but also a stronger mindset to take on bigger challenges. What we needed to do was to leverage the athletes and celebrities to show how running helped them achieve something great in their own fields and make the world go round.