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Product / ServiceNIKE REACT
CategoryA06. Retail


Name Company Position
Ian Toombs \ Vivian Yong Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Executive Creative Director
Sanne Drogtrop Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Head of Integrated Productions
Okan Usta \ Hesky Lu Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Creative Director
Josh King Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Art Director
Rhys Turner Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Creative Technologist
Xiong Xiong Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Interactive Producer
Fang Yuan Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Producer
June Xie Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Tech Developer
Leon Lin Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Senior Planner
Carina Huang Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Planner
Dino Xu Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Business Director
Qinna Ye Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Senior Account Manager
Xueer Ren Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Senior Account Executive
Nicole Bee Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Head of Project Management
Jessica Deng \ Kathy Zhan Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Business Affairs
Fish Ho Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Head of Designers
Helen Yu Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Designer

The Campaign

For the launch of the new Nike React running shoes, we hacked in-store trialling and wired up a game played by running. ‘Reactland’ is an immersive experience installed in stores around China where shoppers would run on a treadmill and become the heroes of a game. Players would control an avatar of themselves running through a fantastical land that represented the attributes of the shoe (soft, light and bouncy). Players would leave the experience with a 10 second video of themselves running through ‘Reactland’ to share on social media.

The Brief

The budget details are not allowed to be disclosed due to confidentiality.

Creative Execution

The experience was installed in four stores and one pop-up location in China and ran for one month. Following the success, it was bought back into stores for the launch of the new colours and Nike Taiwan and Berlin installed the game. Shoppers would try on the shoes, have their photo taken and create an avatar before stepping onto the treadmill. Using a hand controller to jump, their aim was to get as far as they could along the land full of metaphors for the shoes. The further they got, the higher up the leaderboard they went. Once leaving the experience shoppers would receive a randomised personal 10 second clip from the game.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

The game was praised globally from small Chinese news outlets through to The Washington post. But more importantly 48% of players bought the shoes.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

‘Reactland’ modernised product trialling in retail stores. It took advertising and product education and turned it into a fun gaming experience that led to almost half the participants buying the shoes. “The brand’s use of immersive technology reinforces the importance of technology for retailers looking for innovative ways to boost brick-and-mortar sales.” - Washington Post.

Today’s consumers are always looking for more fun and unique experiences. Traditional product trialling experience in retail is far from being fun or engaging, and often communicates product benefits in a rather dry, uninteresting fashion. It’s just not something people will look forward to. All we needed to do was to turn the unsexy trialling into an exciting experience that people actually wanted to try and also give them a customized video of them running in the game so they can share on social and spread the word.