CategoryA06. Retail
Entrant180 CHINA Beijing, CHINA
Idea Creation 180 CHINA Beijing, CHINA
Production 180 CHINA Beijing, CHINA


Name Company Position Group CCO
Pengqi Li SCD
Michael Song ACD
Yan Liu GH
Chong Zhang SCW
Peng Zhang SCW
Kun Shang CW
Vicky Hong SAD
Yu Yang SAD

The Campaign

After clicking on H5 to enter the game, invite your relatives and friends to participate it in by sharing the QR code so that everyone gets a part of firecracker. If you put several mobile phones in a line, firecrackers are lit in multiple mobile phones at the same time, and they explode and present out JD Coupons. This interactive way allowed for re-emerging the traditional custom banned by the government, and became a new way of interaction in get-togethers during the Spring Festival.

The Brief

Production fee:?2,700,000 Media fee:?7,600,000 Total:10,300,000

Creative Execution

We catered to the schedule of the Spring Festival’s transport and the Spring Festival. From the beginning of November when we started planning to the end of February when we closed the case, the project lasted for four months and entered the high tide during the Spring Festival. The time was tight and the tasks were hard, so we established the special group, and were supported by personnel deployment in many aspects, such as creativity, technology and business. The entire team was composed of nearly 100 persons. With such large-scale configuration, the project was ensured for smooth progress.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

At the social level, in the Spring Festival of 2018, hundreds of millions of Chinese people have set off firecrackers while complying with the national prohibition order, and the way of connecting mobile phones also shortened the distance between people. In terms of business, we issued 630,000 red envelopes with the bonus of a total of RMB 130,000 Yuan, and obtained the sales value of RMB 4,840,000 Yuan through promotion. In terms of communication, we have covered more than 450,000,000 people in the traditional media and more than 120,000,000 people in social media, and the game interaction volume reached 2,918,000 person/time. The project results are objective.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

In terms of insight, we used the special emotional appeal of Chinese persons during the Spring Festival and their ambivalence between reluctance to give up the traditional customs and intention to correct the environment deterioration, and formed the large-scale behavior call by virtue of JD’s brand influence; In terms of interaction, we used the special reunion scenes during the Spring Festival to create an offline interactive behavior mode using the innovative technology of multi-screen interaction.

We comprehensively considered brand demand and environmental issues to define the target population. To generate enough appeal, we sent invitations to 1.3 billion Chinese people through CCTV, published posters on media online, lit up 2018 mobile phones on the Great Wall to deliver a holiday greeting to all Chinese people, unified various mobile phone brands to give a common voice, made a request to collect voice of netizens on Kuaishou and Douyin, two popular original video platforms in China, so as to call on everyone to protect the environment, set off JD’s electronic firecrackers, and realize "Turn it into Red"" in the new year.