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CategoryA09. Media / Entertainment
Idea Creation FROEBEL-KAN Tokyo, JAPAN
Idea Creation 2 DENTSU INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
Production BB MEDIA Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Ryo Honda Freelance Exective Creative Director
Yasuharu Sasaki Dentsu Inc. Exective Creative Director
Yusuke Shimano Dentsu Inc. Creative Director
Runa Oyamada FROEBEL-KAN CO., LTD. Creative Director
Tomoko Kato Dentsu Inc. Creative Director
Yusuke Imai Dentsu Inc. Art Director
Takuya Fujita Dentsu Inc. Copy Writer
Tatsuhiro Nagashima Dentsu Inc. Planner
Yuki Takahiko Dentsu Inc. Planner
Masashi Araki Dentsu Inc. PR Planner
Takao Oyama BBmedia Inc. Producer
Masato Yoshikawa BBmedia Inc. Producer
Takuya Kanda BBmedia Inc. Producer
Wataru Hayashishita BBmedia Inc. Producer
Satomi Takahashi BBmedia Inc. Director
Takuma Ohya BBmedia Inc. Web Director
Keisuke Yoshida BBmedia Inc. Markup Engineer
Masao Fujiyama BBmedia Inc. Project Manager
Yutaka Kochi Freelance Cinematographer
Takashi Tsuzuki Freelance Composer
Takaki Kato TYO Technical Ranch Inc. Audio engineer
Takeshi Suehiro SUI Inc. Production Designer
Nakazawa Shun DENTSU CREATIVE X INC. Designer
Kitaura Sota DENTSU CREATIVE X INC. Designer
Imamura Keisuke DENTSU CREATIVE X INC. Designer
Nishizawa Shino DENTSU CREATIVE X INC. Designer

The Campaign

Introduced a project to praise creativity which will be incorrect on test. We gathered actual incorrect answer sheets from all over Japan. By discovering the hidden creativity in mistakes, we spread the potential thinking to the society. 6,887 “mistakes” were collected. Selected mistakes were exhibited in former elementary schools. The answers were placed in gorgeous frames, transforming classrooms into an art gallery. Many educator and parents visited the gallery, and has become an opportunity to change the mind towards education in Japan.

The Brief

Total Cost…$45k Event cost…$30k Design cost…$5k Digital Campaign cost…$7k PR cost…$3k 0 Paid Media budget

Creative Execution

1st Phase: Collect creative answers from all over Japan. Launched a campaign to collect creative “incorrect” answers. The campaign, which has both aspects of entertainment and sociality, obtained applause. In just a month, we succeeded to collect 6,887 entries. 2nd Phase: Organizing the creative gallery Out of the answers collected, we exhibited and praised answers of “great” failure. The venue was originally an actual school, so it was held as if a gallery suddenly appeared in the school. Each answer was placed in a gorgeous frame, and produced a space for visitors to thoroughly see the child’s creativity. 3rd Phase: “Creative Test” introduced at educational interface Thanks to a great response for the gallery, some schools and cram-schools began introducing the “Creative Test” as part of the education. The activity which focuses on child’s creativity is now becoming an opportunity to introduce into educational process.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

?Media Publicity? 3 TV programs / 3 newspapers / 1 radio program / 107 Web sites (Statement Quote) “A hint for an age countering AI lies in the abounding amount of failure” ~ Nigata-Nippo “Japanese should enjoy making mistakes” ~ NHK ?Questionnaire Survey? ?Program has originality?98% ?Felt the greatness of child’s creativity?99% ?Decide to acknowledge child’s creativity?98% ?Favourable impression to the brand?94.8% ?Sustainability? An original book which incorporates “Creative Test” and “Great Answer” is scheduled to be published. It will be utilized as a teaching material for children in Japan.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

Recently in Asia, examination ordeal is getting overheat. In response to this tendency, Froebel-kan, the brand who has stood close to children’s growth through producing educational toys since 1907, decided to launch a project, “GREAT FAILURE”. Applaud children’s creative answers which would normally be incorrect. At first, gathered actual answer sheets, then organized the creative gallery. Only Froebel-kan, who has been created the foundation of Japan’s education, could implement such kind of Brand Experience that admit child’s failure and appraise them. This project succeeded to activate child, parents, educational institution and media.

Main-targets are educators and parents. Sub-target is adults who would be educator or parents. Although they potentially recognize the importance of creativity, when exams results come into their eye, they tend to only evaluate with one simple measure, the score. From anxiety for the future, they believe that the academic credentialism leads to happiness in life. Accordingly, both child and adult live a life under pressure. Studying for exam? As the world changes dramatically, “creativity” will be an essential resource for everyone, not only in Japan but also throughout the world. However, as from the past educational interface, especially within exams, creativity is rarely evaluated. Having the “correct answer” is the only thing that matters. If this situation goes on, child’s creativity would exterminate. Therefore, Froebel-kan decided to create a place to praise child’s hidden creativity.

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