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Name Company Position
Kazoo Sato TBWA\HAKUHODO Chief Creative Officer
Satoshi Chikayama TBWA\HAKUHODO Senior Creative Director
Yuji Tanaka TBWA\HAKUHODO Copywriter
Takayuki Ogawa TBWA\HAKUHODO Art Director
Kazuaki Kuribayashi TBWA\HAKUHODO Planner
Masahiro Nishide TBWA\HAKUHODO Copywriter
Eunhee John AOI Pro. Inc. Planner
Hirotaka Fukatsu TBWA\HAKUHODO Agency Producer
Chikako Nagai TBWA\HAKUHODO Agency Producer
Kesuke Mizusako AOI Pro. Inc. Producer
Rikiya Saito AOI Pro. Inc. Producer
Ayumi Sakagami AOI Pro. Inc. Production Manager
Hiroki Ono Club_A Director

The Campaign

"Knowledge worth sharing" We created a series of Safety Hack videos that you can see on your smartphone. The videos introduce practical survival ideas, endorsed by specialists. We also crafted the videos in a way that makes people want to ‘see’ and ‘share’, just like life hack videos. You can see these videos anytime, anywhere, on your phone.

The Brief

United States Dollar Overall budget: $106,000 Breakdown of costs PR: $13,000 Facebook Ad: $18,000 Video Production: $71,000 Cast and Supervision: $4,000 South Korean Won Overall budget: 120,000,000 SKW Breakdown of costs PR: 15,000,000 SKW Facebook Ad: 20,000,000 SKW Video Production: 80,000,000 SKW Cast and Supervision: 5,000,000 SKW Since the budget was spend for PR and Facebook Ads instead of the production cost, this lifehack video successfully reached to those who are not interested in disaster prevention, but also to casualties who are currently in need for knowledge of disaster prevention.

Creative Execution

"Always there, when we need it most" The videos are available on our website and smartphone for everyone to see even during a disaster. We regularly aired the videos on TV in Japan to expand survival awareness. We also translated them into 6 languages and shared them to the world through the official social media accounts of NHK WORLD. We also organized workshops around Asia so participants can experience the disaster survival ideas.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

"The knowledge continues to spread across the globe" Being the most-shared and the fastest-shared videos in Japan’s public broadcasting history, the number of views have been growing with every disaster. After the Jiuzhaigou Earthquake in Sichuan Province, China in August 2017, more than 22 million views were recorded for China alone. Today, the number of views are still increasing throughout the world.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

The biggest mission for this project is not just to increase the viewers, but also to raise awareness of disaster prevention happening throughout the world. These lifehack videos will tempt people to watch and try, leading for it to spread through the Internet and TV programs worldwide. Workshops were held so people can try these techniques that were introduced in the videos. Carrying out these brand experiences and activations regularly, stimulated people’s minds not only for those who are not interested in disaster prevention, but also for people who are currently in need for knowledge of disaster prevention.

“Creative value that reverberates with every disaster” We believed that our video will spread as soon as major natural disaster hits, on any part of the globe. This is when survivors need any piece of advice or information to increase survival chances and mitigate damage, and also when attention of those in unaffected areas turns to the same. Therefore, we didn’t concentrate media exposure at launch but posted and broadcast on social media and TV at regular intervals with the videos made available online, for anyone to see, whenever they want. 5 months after the launch, there was a major earthquake in China these videos helped a significant number of people there.


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