Short List
Product / ServiceHEINZ BEANZ
CategoryE01. Launch / Re-launch
EntrantY&R ANZ Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
Idea Creation Y&R ANZ Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
Media Placement SPARK FOUNDRY Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Production Y&R ANZ Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
Production 2 ASSEMBLY Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
Production 3 FRANKLIN RD Auckland, NEW ZEALAND


Name Company Position
Josh Moore Y&R New Zealand CCO/CEO
Tom Paine Y&R New Zealand Executive Creative Director
Josh Moore Y&R New Zealand Creative
Tom Paine Y&R New Zealand Creative
Ellen Fromm Y&R New Zealand Creative
Jono Key Y&R New Zealand Managing Director / Head of Planning
Katie Loverich Y&R New Zealand Senior Account Director
Heike Middleton Y&R New Zealand Senior Account Manager
Sacha Moore Y&R New Zealand Head of TVP / Producer
Liz Rosby Y&R New Zealand Head of TVP / Producer
James Wendelborn Y&R New Zealand Head of Design
Caroline Wilkie Y&R New Zealand Designer
Damon Duncan Assembly Director
Rhys Dippie Assembly Technical Director
Amanda Chambers Assembly Executive Producer
Josh Fourt-Wells Assembly Lead Designer / Character Design
Scotty Wilson Assembly Environmental Design
Pete Richie Assembly Grade
Jonathan Mihaljevich Franklin Road Executive Music & Sound Producer
Mahuia Bridgeman Cooper Franklin Road Music Composer
Shane Taipari Franklin Road Sound Design
Rodrigo Wickbold Kraft Heinz Australia Chief Marketing Officer AMEA
Shalabh Atray Kraft Heinz Australia Chief Marketing Officer
Mughees Abid Kraft Heinz Australia Marketing Director
Arjun Tomar Kraft Heinz Australia Catergory Marketing Manager - Quick Serve Meals
Olivia Plymin Kraft Heinz Australia Brand Manager

The Campaign

The idea starts and finishes with the product itself. We rebranded the four new cans with colloquial names that related to the occasion rather than the weight. We then told the heartwarming story of how these new cans came to be. Via a three-minute animation, we introduced Australia to Geoff – the lovable Head of Heinz Beanz Innovation – who designed and named the new can sizes based on his own personal milestones: single life, married life, young kids, teenage kids. The cans Geoff designed in his animated world were simultaneously released in the real-world, in supermarkets across Australia.

The Brief

Media Spend $13 million (AUD) Production $650,000 (NZD)

Creative Execution

Channels: • Screens (FTA TV, STV OLV, YouTube) • Search • Digital display • Native & high impact video • Social • POS Location / Platform: • Metropolitan 5 cap city TV (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth) • Metropolitan 5 cap city TV (AFL Grand Final / Integration) • NNSW, SNSW, QLD Regional TV • Subscription Foxtel TV • Online Video – mixture of catch-up TV and premium placement • OOH – Cinema 5 x cap national • OOH – Train station posters (Melbourne only) • OOH - Billboard (Melbourne only) • Snapchat – 1 x day lens • Snapchat – 5 second Snapads & Snapcode • Snapchat Brand Uplift Study • Unruly Native Video • Exponential High Impact Video Billboards • Fairfax Display behavioural targeting based on can sizes • Search – SEM keyword targeting

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

Business Impact: • Total sales volume increased +9.7% vs YOY 2016 • Retailers that implemented the campaign increased sales +300% vs those that did not • Note: sales from 2015-2016 had declined -11.03%, so this was a significant turnaround Behaviour: • Purchase intent increased +15%, with 59% of research stating they “would definitely buy a can of Heinz Beans based on the commercial” • Actual purchase frequency increased +8.8% Response Rate: • Snapchat Lens received an engagement rate of 14.8% against Industry benchmark of 7% • Snapchat Film received average play length of 2.1m, against industry benchmark of 0.75 – 1.05m Connection with Brand: • Geoff received a ‘Brand Bonding’ score of 8.2, against an industry benchmark of 6.0 Message Outtake: • 90% of recipients correctly stated the film’s message (can sizes are changing), against an industry benchmark of 60% Consumer Awareness: • +42 million views across all channels

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

The brief from Heinz Beanz was extremely functional: launch four new can sizes. “Grab the 555g can on your way home” said nobody ever, so we opted to turn a functional offering into an emotive customer experience. Instead of communicating in grams, we gave the packaging more relevance and made it the core component of a heartwarming story. From the animated film right through to the supermarket shelf, the new product and packaging was integral to the consumer path to purchase. Sales increased significantly and for once people were emotional about a product change for a positive reason.

The new can sizes were adapted to suit four diverse segments, so our target audience was extremely broad: pretty much every household shopper in Australia. Our strategy was simple: mitigate potential backlash and drive significant Beanz sales by creating a consumer journey (from screen to supermarket shelf) based on relatable human emotion, rather than functionality. The catalyst for achieving this was the redesign of the can, creating a title for each size that acted as an informal call-to-action, bespoke to each target segment.


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