ClientTWO INC.
Product / ServiceSLEEPDAYS
CategoryA04. Consumer Durables
Idea Creation 2 HAKUHODO INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
Media Placement HAKUHODO INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
Production TOKYO Tokyo, JAPAN
Production 2 TAIYO KIKAKU Tokyo, JAPAN
Production 4 TOW Tokyo, JAPAN
Production 5 SESAME Tokyo, JAPAN

The Campaign

We opened the world’s first hotel "HOTEL HIGHWAY" at a rest area on the Tomei Expressway, which has the largest traffic volume in Japan. Guestrooms are the driver’s cars. We made the car a relaxing nap room with Sleepdays’ products.

The Brief

Overall budget: 300 thousand dollars Event: 230 thousand dollars Movie: 50 thousand dollars Web: 20 thousand dollars Paid Media budget: none

Creative Execution

When a driver arrives in the rest area, Sleepdays’ concierge turns the car interior into a comfortable bedroom like a hotel suite. We also offered a wake-up call so that drivers won’t oversleep, and a room service that delivers meals and drinks. In this way, parked cars were transformed into the guest rooms of HOTEL HIGHWAY, and a new media of products.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

A flood of reservations made the hotel fully booked in an instant with tired drivers. Refreshed drivers shared the reputation on SNS, and the products were sold like hotcakes! Detailed results are as follows. - Achieved 160% of product sales year-on-year. - Gained 20 million impressions, social media brand mentions increased to 450% within a month. - Recorded over 90% occupancy rate constantly. - The number of traffic accidents in September on the Tomei Expressway was reduced from 37 accidents to 18 accidents,compared with last year.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

We believe that tired highway drivers would be our potential customers who most need the Sleepdays products that pursue better sleep. We turned their cars parked in the rest area like a relaxing hotel room, and as a result, driver’s cars became a space for “brand experience” where they can realize the comfortableness of Sleepdays products.

The place where we chose for the users to experience the products is not conventional. It’s not in stores or houses, but on a highway. In Japan, over 10,000 accidents occur annually on highway. Surprisingly, half of the highway accidents in Japan are caused by drowsy driving. Japanese people are hard-working that they tend to continue driving without taking a rest on highways. So, we thought that tired highway drivers would be our potential customers who need our products the most which helps them with better sleep.


Name Company Position
Shota Hatanaka HAKUHODO Kettle Creative Director
Yuhei Ito TBWA\HAKUHODO Art Director
Kentaro Muraishi Freelance Planner
Wataru Seki Material PR Planner
Nobutoshi Kawashima TOW Producer
Misato Saito SESAME Designer
Toshiyuki Takei TAIYOKIKAKU co.,ltd/TOKYO Producer
Shinya Masuda TAIYOKIKAKU co.,ltd/TOKYO Producer
Yohei Osabe DIRECTORS GUILD Director
Hideyuki Hashimoto freelance Camera
Masao Ibaraki freelance Light
Toshihide Sakai TATEO Art
Atsumasa Kachi KIBOU DIT
Atsumi Yamazaki freelance STY
Noriko Sato freelance H&M
Ooe O.F-inc Grip
Daisuke Jo freelance Music
Jyunya Otsuka freelance EDIT(OFFLINE/ONLINE)
Rintaro Kozasa TAIYOKIKAKU co.,ltd EDIT
Jyutaro Mochizuki HAKUHODO i-studio Digital Creative Director
Rintaroh Matsuyama HAKUHODO i-studio Digital Planner
Shoma Shoji HAKUHODO i-studio Digital Art Director
Dovanda Dimmo HAKUHODO i-studio Frontend Engineer
Tomonori Nomura HAKUHODO i-studio Frontend Engineer
Toshiya Suzuki HAKUHODO i-studio Frontend Engineer
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