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Product / ServiceY!MOBILE
CategoryD03. Use of Social & Digital Platforms
Idea Creation 2 HAKUHODO INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
Production AOI PRO. INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
Production 2 BABEL LABEL Tokyo, JAPAN
Production 3 AID-DCC Osaka, JAPAN
Production 4 TOW Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Shota Hatanaka Hakuhodo Kettle Creative Director
Katsuya Aonuma Hakuhodo Planner
Kentaro Muraishi Freelance Planner
Shinya Ota Hakuhodo Kettle Planner
Koga Shimura Hakuhodo Kettle Art Director
Mana Hisamatsu AOI Producer
Hisato Yamada BABEL LABEL Producer
Takahide Suzuki AOI Producer
Kiyoshi Inoue sacca ScreenWriter
Erei Hagiwara sacca ScreenWriter
Michihito Fujii BABEL LABEL Director
Kentaro Shima BABEL LABEL Director
Hiroto Hara BABEL LABEL Director
Masami Ishitsuka KOIKE JIMUSHO Cinematographer
Yukihiro Miyagawa Freelance Cinematographer
Ryohei Abe Freelance Lighting
Shinya Endo BLAUGULANA ProductionDesigner
Tastuhiro Okamoto Freelancer Mixer
Yusuke Yamanaka AID-DCC inc. Producer/Planner
Kojiro Matsumoto AID-DCC inc. Producer
Daiki Koyama AID-DCC inc. Web/SNS Director
Kenjiro Nakayama AID-DCC inc. Designer
Takanobu Noso AID-DCC inc. Developer
Yoshitatsu Yamada Yamada Japan Stage maneger / Scriptwriter
Hiroki Takeshita TOW Co., Ltd. Producer
Yoko Araki TOW Co., Ltd. Producer
Kenta Yamaguchi Material Inc. PR Planner
Sayaka Asahi Material Inc. PR Planner
Tomihiro Okada Hakuhodo Account Manager
Junya Oguchi Hakuhodo Account Executive

The Campaign

“720 HOURS OF YOUTH” This is the world’s longest teen drama lasting 24 hours a day, for 30 days delivered through mobile phones, a necessity for teens. The characters are high school students that are a month away from their graduation. This is a unprecedented drama experience, following their remaining high school life for 24 hours, 30 days, crossing over various media platforms. such as YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. “720 HOURS OF YOUTH” was the non-stop drama that mirrored teens lives.

The Brief

Overall budget: 2 million dollars Paid Media budget: 0.7 million dollars

Creative Execution

The drama starts from SNS posts of the characters. In the morning, they go to school, at the same time as real students. On breaks, they enjoy their time with classmates. At 4:00 pm everyday, a YouTube drama series starts. Users can peep into the characters’ after school life, where the story majorly progresses. The whole story connects through the characters’ SNS posts and YouTube dramas. For example, an Instagram “Stories” post of a date, leading to a fight between the characters in the YouTube drama series the next day. Or a lie revealed in the YouTube drama, exposed from a location information on a photo posted on “Twitter”. The drama continued for 30 days, crossing over various media platforms. At the day 30th, graduation day, the story’s finale was played out in public as a ”live drama”. Finally the characters that were on screen came to life.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

The drama that carried on for 720 hours continued to raise conversations on Y!mobile throughout the month-long spring high season. In addition, the new content experience that synced with the active hours of actual teenagers created a deep engagement with the brand. Detailed results are as follows. - Became a trending topic on Twitter and Google in Japan. - Exceeded a total of 30 million views on YouTube. - Gained over 120 million social impressions. - The brand mentions increased to 390% compared with last year. - YouTube Channel Subscribers of the brand increased to 500%.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

Because “720 HOURS OF YOUTH” became whole new brand experience for the target audience, teenagers going non-stop for 24 hours and 30 days. The drama synchronized with the lives of actual teenagers, by delivering the story through various social media like Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Today's teens are always on social media and they’re looking for fun, jumping from one thing to the next. so it is being more difficult for contents to keep them hooked. So crossing media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, we delivered a continuous story according to the 24 hour life cycle of actual teenagers. Unlike conventional TV dramas where the story cuts every week, we created the non-stop content experience lasting 24 hours a day, for 30 days.


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