Product / ServiceJEJU AIR
CategoryE01. Launch / Re-launch


Name Company Position
Kim, Sung Min ADmission ECD
Jang, Myung Jin Big Picture Director
Kim, Jea Wook Big Picture Producer
Eom, Jae Wan Someday Spring DP
Cho, Hyo Jin MATE ART AD
Parc, Hong Keun Freelance Editing Director
Kim, Dae Seop Volume Graph Audio Producer
Kim, Hyang Ri ADmission Copywriter
Lee, Seung Hye ADmission Planner
Lee, Ahe Ree ADmission Planner
Im, Sung Jae ADmission Planner

The Campaign

First, we looked for the situation when travelers would need a new optional fare. Then we found that many travelers feel stressed about excess luggage allowance at the airport and have decided to remind them of an optional fare using this fact. We then decided to utilize April Fool's Day to organize a fun campaign. Finally, we created a fake ‘Luggage Diet Machine’ for our customers. When a customer puts the luggage in the machine and presses the button, the air in the luggage is ‘supposedly’ released, and the new technology works to replace the air with helium to reduce the weight by 25%. Of course, none of it was true, but nobody noticed that it was a mock-machine which is not really in operation.

The Brief

Overall Budget : 44,100 USD Fake Movie Production Total: 14,400 USD - Director, Producer, Staffs: 4,815 USD - Rental : 1,791 USD - Other Expenses: 1,494 USD - Actors' Performace Fee: 1,350 USD - Extras : 1,800 USD - Post Production : 1,800 USD - Sound, Voice Actor: 1,350 USD Kiosk Production Total: 2,700 USD - Mock-up Production : 2,250 USD - Luggage Bag: 450 USD Paid Media Total : 27,000 USD - Youtube Trueview : 18,000 USD - Youtube Bumper Ads. : 4,500 USD - Facebook Video : 4,500 USD

Creative Execution

D-7) A week before launch, we installed the luggage diet machine in front of Jeju Air Counter at Gimpo International Airport, where is crowded with travelers with their luggage, and showed how the machine operates on the kiosk screen. Afterward, we informed the customers that the new fare system was now available and filmed the responses of the customers. D-3) Using the YouTube Bumper Ads, which played for 6 seconds, we showed as if Jeju Air launched a service to reduce the weight of luggage as you want. D-2 ~ D-day) We aired the fake user guide video with a developer(actually he's an actor) of the machine that showed the reaction of people who tried to use the machine at Gimpo International Airport. We have released this video to each SNS channel and media simultaneously.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

Our fake user guide video reached over 2 million targets through Facebook and Youtube for 3 days of on-air, and the video recorded about 1.2 million viewers. In addition, more than 1.5 million likes, comments, and sharing engagements occurred. As a result, travelers using the new fare system increased by 182% compared to last year (compared to those of the old fare system in the previous year), and ticket sales increased by 161% compared to the same period last year (1 month after launch). In addition, it has been introduced as an excellent April Fool's Day content of the year in various presses (1st place in domestic videos) and the engagement of these contents is steadily increasing.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

In Korea, dozens of stimulating commercials are launched every day. Therefore, we had to make a strong impression on our customers in a short period of time. We had to deliver the new information to travelers at the airport, SNS followers & their SNS friends, and the users who search travel clips in the travel category by making them to effectively experience the information.

While many April Fools' Day events are created mostly for laughs, we've created a fake machine that seems to solve the problem with which our customers are sympathizing. Therefore, it successfully delivered our message that Jeju Air has introduced a fare system that cares about its customers’ concern while promoting fun customer participation. In addition, customers who have shown interests only in low-cost fares are now encouraged to feel the necessity of new fare system via a pleasant April Fool's Day event which made customers feel related to the subject as 'My Story' rather than common brand events on April Fool's Day. We have studied the movement of people who are considering the trip and then installed appropriate ‘attracting traps’ at the counter of the kiosk at Gimpo Airport. We've exposed the campaign for customers on media and advertising channels through Youtube's interest targeting for millions of people(considering travel soon).

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