CategoryB04. Mobile Games
EntrantISOBAR Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Idea Creation ISOBAR Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Production ISOBAR Melbourne, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Alberto Talegon Isobar Creative Director
Anthony Mangos Isobar Client Partner
Andrew Bednarz Isobar Technical Lead
Andy Cronin Isobar Social Lead
Anton Wintergerst Isobar Game Developer
Augusto Jacquier Isobar Art Director
Bec de Henin Isobar Social
Brendan Imer Isobar Designer
Martin Tozzi-Condivi Isobar Client Engagement Director
Dimutu Kulawardana Isobar Game Developer
Gemma Seeto Isobar Producer
Kara Bombell Isobar Project Director
Luke Falkland-Brown Isobar Senior Copywriter
Rafael Martins Isobar Art Director
Dave Budge Isobar NowLab Director
Tommy Susanto Isobar Developer
Britta Henkel Isobar Producer
Andrew Bednarz Isobar Technical Lead

The Campaign

We created the internet’s first assassin-training chatbot.

Creative Execution

We pulled apart Facebook Messenger functionality and gamified every aspect of it to create 125 modules that tested users’ ability across six core skillsets – Perception, Languages and Codes, Attention, Morals and Ethics, Dexterity and Mental Agility. This was supported by 6 assessment modules that tested what they learnt, before ranking and scoring recruits. We collected data from the way they interacted with the modules and tests—including response times, accuracy, length of interaction, number of sessions—and cross-analysed it with personal data provided by free-text input and social media profiles. The results provided profiles that could be compared to the film’s protagonist to identify our own ‘Australian Assassin’, who scored a $30k global mission.

For a 15-day campaign, we: - Achieved 92 days of overall engagement - Saw 11 hours of gameplay from a single user - Schooled 10k+ unique recruits - Sent 500,000 messages

Let audiences know there’s more to American Assassin than they think by getting them to understand the skills and psychological attributes required to be an elite assassin. How? By training them, testing their own limits and allowing themselves to be immersed in the psyche of film’s main character. For the first time, a chatbot was transformed into a fully immersive experience with unprecedented interactivity. We created a platform of engaged recruits that could be re-activated for potential sequels.


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