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CategoryA07. Data / Insight
EntrantTENCENT Shenzhen, CHINA
Idea Creation TENCENT Shenzhen, CHINA
Media Placement TENCENT Shenzhen, CHINA
Production 2 TENCENT Shenzhen, CHINA


Name Company Position
Li Hang tencent General Manager
Akae Wang tencent Executive Creative Director
Wu Rui Ying tencent brand manager
Hu Rong Ping tencent brand manager
Huang Xuan tencent Art Direct
Xie Bao Dong tencent Art Direct
Zou Yang tencent copy writer
Tim ZENG Hand in Hand Productions Director&Executive Producer
Campbell MCLEAN Hand in Hand Productions Director
XU Shuang Hand in Hand Productions Producer
WU Yang Kun Hand in Hand Productions Producer

The Campaign

We were determined to target on the minority and took it as a lever to impact the majority. We found a special group of people in Hong Kong - 170,000 Filipino maids. They often queue up for remittances to their families during the holidays. For this reason, we tailor made We Remit, a convenient online remitting product, providing them through WeChat platform with quick online remittance option that only takes a few seconds, compared to the 5 hours of waiting for offline remittances. Meanwhile, given the employment relationship, Filipino employers are led into using WeChat Pay indirectly, which helps the product further penetrate the market. In addition, PR communications, through positioning on Mother's Day, further facilitated obtaining seed users and reputation.

Creative Execution

1. Targeted Filipino maids group was reached through offline channels such as church, bank remittance, and leaders of the Filipino maid community. Social media, together with hands on coaching were used to form core users among the Filipino maids within short period of time and the product started to win reputation. 2. Once its reputation develops, more WeChat Pay users were obtained in Hong Kong through penetrated employers of Filipino maids. 3. Positioned on Mother's Day, brand stories focusing on "WeChat Pay Practices Inclusive Financeā€ were promoted on 6 major video websites. More articles from 7 key opinion leaders generated industrial significance of We Remit products, being widely spread on WAP, APP, and PC.

1. The number of users increased by 50000 from 200 in a single month, covering nearly 1/3 of all Filipino maids. 2. The amount of overseas remittances rose 20-fold to 6.14 million Hong Kong dollars. 3. The number of penetrated employer users increased 73%. And HK users of WeChatPay increased 12% within half year. 4. Event keywords on WeChat index and Baidu Index increased from 0 to a maximum of more than 60,000. 5. Reported by 12 major video sites and original articles written by 7 key opinion leaders; total number of video views reached more than 15 million. 6. The official account with 20,000 followers garnered 150,000 views on the article. 7. The media effect was valued at $842,500.

Data show that there is one Filipino maid for every four Hong Kong households. We provide solutions to the remitting problems for 170,000 Filipino maids. We started from there and reached out to the mass market. By being positioned on Mother's Day, real stories of Filipino maids in Hong Kong were used for integrated communications online. Hands-on coaching on We Remit was provided through offline educational activities and spread by leveraging church and key opinion leaders on social platform to win reputation. It stimulated employers to follow.


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