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CategoryA09. Use of Advanced Learning Technologies
Idea Creation MINDSHARE Jakarta, INDONESIA
Media Placement MINDSHARE Jakarta, INDONESIA


Name Company Position
Mo Moris Vice Managing Director
Miguel de Andrés-Clavera Google Head of Creative Technology

The Campaign

The team devised the Movement for Movement campaign, which focused on shifting the conversation and perception Indonesians had toward Rexona and other deodorants. Rooted in Rexona’s brand DNA to help people move, Movement for Movement was designed to not only help the disabled community physically move, but to build a movement with all Indonesians to make their country, more accessible. At the heart of the campaign was the mobile app, Gerak, built with Google technology. This mobility assistant app, powered by Google’s Cloud Speech API , would simply tell Gerak users where the most handicap friendly places in their current area are located and they can book transportation directly through Rexona’s partnership with Grab. This groundbreaking app is the first of its kind in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

Creative Execution

The DNA of the campaign was mobile, as the entire idea for the campaign spawned from an innovative mobile app solution. Gerak, Rexona’s mobility assistant app, used the ever-growing voice trend to fundamentally change how people with disabilities would move across Indonesia. The $500,000 USD budget earmarked for the Movement for Movement campaign was one of the largest digital only campaign for Unilever. Approximately 80% of that budget was dedicated to mobile media. The Gerak app was engineered with Google’s Cloud Speech API and Dialogflow technology. Powered by its artificial intelligence capabilities, the Gerak app was a voice-activated chatbot that could direct people with disabilities to handicap accessible places. For example, if someone made a query to find a restaurant, the app would recommend a list of restaurants in the person’s immediate vicinity with the most handicap accessible traits (i.e. bathroom, seating, parking). Since Rexona is dedicated to helping Indonesians move, Gerak closed the loop by partnering with leading ridesharing company Grab. This partnership enabled Gerak app users to not only find places they could enjoy, but directly order a handicap accessible ride to.

During Movement for Movement’s campaign launch, on the International Day of Disabled Persons, Rexona saw its media reach 27 million people in a single day. Sixty-one percent of its target audience drove 143 million impressions, as we aimed to break the stigma around people with disabilities. In the next phase of the campaign, where we launched the Gerak app, Rexona reached 60.52 million people with its integrated media and PR strategy. This generated $1M USD worth of PR value. Within the first 90 days of the app being live, more than 10,000 people with disabilities downloaded the app in the greater Jakarta area. This made Gerak the to #1 trending app in the “Travel and Local” category in the Google Play Store. With a rating of 4.4 out of 5, the Gerak app was not only being used, but loved by users.

Movement for Movement is a unique campaign, as its target audience was split. The entire campaign was focused around Rexona’s core target audience of Male/Female 20-35 years old. In parallel, Rexona also targeted Indonesians with disabilities, as the app was designed specifically for their needs. As we built a country-wide movement to make a difference, we had to target disabled Indonesians to use our app. The entire Movement for Movement campaign communication was meant to bring disabled Indonesians to the forefront in the minds of everyone. Rexona wanted to shed light on a problem that was unknown to many citizens: mobility for disabled people is quite difficult in Indonesia. The communication strategy included three components: Break Stigma - Make Indonesians aware of the mobility issue among disabled Indonesians Provide a technology solution - Introduce the Gerak mobile app Scale through partnerships - Partner with Asian Para Games


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