CategoryA08. Innovative Use of Technology
Idea Creation MINDSHARE Jakarta, INDONESIA
Production INMOBI Jakarta, INDONESIA


Name Company Position
Aria Andriyadi Mindshare Connection Planning manager,
Astrid Putri Mindshare Connection Planner
Stephanie Tunggal Mindshare Digital specialist
Peeyush shekhar Mindshare Category Lead
Handal P Mindshare Digital specialist
Fahira Yuliandri Mindshare TV Specialist
Annisa Alya Mindshare Content Specialist
Jesse Bouman Mindshare Associate Digital Partner

The Campaign

Fashion shows have been a staple of our culture and society for generations. Over the years, apart from the clothes being updated to reflect current times very little has changed. Fashion shows continue to be exclusive, closed door events accessible to only the fashion elite. The led to many fashion forward women ultimately feeling out of sync with the catwalk. TRESemme rapidly understood that there laid a lost opportunity here. They knew it was time to shake things up and help women across the nation feel truly connected to the catwalk

Creative Execution

As mobile phones emerge as the primary screen of choice for millenials across the globe, it proved to be the foundation of this campaign. So how did the ad work? Charlotte is a young fashionista who lives in the bustling city of the Jakarta. As she is scrolling through her favourite fashion app on her phone, she is greeted by an interstitial ad. To her delight, the ad is a clip from TRESemme’s latest fashion show, TRESemme The Runway Live 2017. To her surprise, she could now watch the fashion show on her phone, without the need for any cumbersome app downloads! As Charlotte watches the clip she notices a few buttons hovering over the outfits of the models. As she taps on each button, Charlotte is redirected to an m-commerce page where she could directly purchase product from the fashion show! Excited, she quickly adds a few products into her cart! Thus through this unique and innovative ad unit, TRESemme, revolutionized the manner in which women across the 1000s of islands of Indonesia experienced fashion shows. It was no longer a unidirectional experience but one that took women and their favourite products from the runway to their shopping cart.

The campaign delivered fantastic results by directly reaching out to 50% of the TRESemme’s target audience through the innovative campaign. The success of the campaign implementation on mobile is established by the campaign’s engagement rate of 57% which is higher than established industry standards. Also, the effective targeting and unique creatives have enabled a 0.65% CTR which was higher than the industry benchmark. The media strategy was implemented in an integrated manner helping to drive overall uplift in the brand scorecard thus making the campaign a success. The campaign established a significant increase in positive brand sentiment, witnessing a 10% increase in brand imageries score. It also played a great role in achieving a 10% increase in brand relevance score in Indonesia after the campaign. The higher media effectiveness and engagement rate cemented the brand campaign as a success story.

The brand’s approach was simple: Hijack the runway to success: Connect: Connect with fashionista’s through a LIVE Runway event and extend it on digital platform with bite sized content Content: Create real time digital content which will compliment the LIVE Runway event by helping fashionistas get in-depth details of the clothing displayed and the TRESemme portfolio Community: Invite Key Opinion Leaders, fashion bloggers and vloggers to engage and encourage social chatter about the runway event and gently talk about TRESemme’s amazing range of products. Commerce : Link every product seen on the runway digitally via ecommerce platforms making the products seen on the runway instantly accessible to the fashion forward on the runway. TRESemme desired to targeted discerning stylish women in the age group of 21-29 years. These young women, wanted to showcase their personal style to others and frequently update their fashion & hairstyle.


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