Product / ServiceDOVE SHAMPOO
CategoryC03. Messaging Campaign
Idea Creation MINDSHARE Jakarta, INDONESIA
Production INMOBI Jakarta, INDONESIA

The Campaign

Beautiful hair is a sign of good health, self-confidence, and self-love. Yet over 70% of women around the world are never satisfied with the way their hair looks and are often on the lookout for new regimen and solutions. An in-depth view of digital landscape showed that multiple hair care brands pounced at women, offering them a variety of hair care solutions without necessarily understanding women’s needs. Brands were eager to offer a hasty solution while no one was keen to talk to a woman and address her hair needs in a one on one environment. Dove decided to take an alternate route, to engage with women around Indonesia and truly understand their hair concerns.

Creative Execution

Dove chose to launch a mobile first campaign, bringing a personalised digital hair assistant to the fingertips of women across the country. The brand integrated a chatbot into a simple rich media banner ad unit. So how did the ad unit work? Zanabia, is a young fashionable woman, scrolling through her favourite app, where she sees an ad, telling her "let's find the best products for you". Intrigued Zanabia, clicks on the ad. The assistant asks Zanabia, what is her number one hair concern, and goes on to list a variety of issues, including dandruff, hair loss, weak hair among others. After understanding her concerns, the assistant shares top tips and tricks which Zanabia could incorporate into her hair care routine. The assistant then informs Zanabia of the best Dove products for her. That's not all, the assistant offers Zanabia the opportunity to share her experience with her friends, via Whatsapp, Twitter and Facebook. The assistant then asks her if she has any other concerns. Happy with her experience, Zanabia goes on to seamlessly purchase the right products and integrates them into her brand new hair care regime

The campaign was an outstanding success! 350,000 women across Indonesia interacted with the chatbot. The digital assistant was so helpful, that 10% of women re-initiated their conversation with the chat bot! Ultimately 5500 women found the perfect solution to their hair concerns. That's not all. through this campaign, the brand was able to build fantastic insights, as they now had a unique understanding of the top hair concerns that women around them shared.

The target audience for this campaign were Indonesian women who are aged between 25 – 35 years. These young women are looking for the perfect hair solution, yet are shy and embarrassed to speak openly to find the perfect fit for them Dove understood that Indonesian women prefer one on one communication which is more personal when it comes to discussing hair problems. The brand took this unique nuance and made it the basis of a campaign unlike anything else consumers have seen before: Dove launched a digital hair assistant. While chatbots have been implemented widely across the globe, the brand took the concept one step further. Previously, if women wanted advice regarding their hair care concerns, they would have to go online, log on to a brand's webpage and find answers themselves. The brand implemented a solution offering answers at the fingertips of women instead


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Aria Andriyadi Mindshare Connection Planning manager,
Stephanie Tunggal Mindshare Digital specialist
Peeyush shekhar Mindshare Category Lead
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