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CategoryB05. Mobile Advertising
Idea Creation MINDSHARE CHINA Shanghai, CHINA
Media Placement MINDSHARE CHINA Shanghai, CHINA
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Name Company Position
Colin Xu Mindshare China General Manager
Angie Chan Mindshare China Partner
Ding Yuan Mindshare China Account Director
Allen Chow Mindshare China Creative Director
Max Ji Mindshare China Director
Grace Shao Mindshare China Associate Director
Sunny Zhang Mindshare China Associate Creative Director
Mengting Yuan Mindshare China Senior Director

The Campaign

Why did we drive traffic to Uniqlo offline stores on the biggest e-commerce day? First, while the Alibaba ecosystem drives huge volumes - it's hugely competitive and cluttered. The antithesis of the preferred Uniqlo experience. Second, Single's Day consumers in particular are bargain hunters primarily. Thin margins combined with high customer acquisition costs inside Alibaba ecosystem. Third, owning the direct customer relationship is essential to Uniqlo - and in their offline stores they are able to deliver a truly value-added customer experience. By combining both offline and online purchase data, we were able to identify multiple methods to bring Uniqlo's Alibaba shoppers to their offline stores.

Creative Execution

First, we looked at past years' Single's Day performances, and understood which categories are least likely to be purchased online: high price, low discount items, such as down jackets and vests, were added to carts but dropped off. We then looked at Uniqlo's sales data, identifying the top selling categories and product lines in-store for Uniqlo. Combing these two sources, we identified 5 top product lines to target. We designed unique creatives featuring different product lines, offering coupons and put "lower in-store prices" on consumer's mobile. Then, we targeted these messages to all consumers with these 5 product lines in shopping cart this Single's Day, and those who have browsed similar offerings from competitors. If the consumers were close to Uniqlo stores, we will send coupons to them via mobile, and the coupon value was even higher to provide a bigger incentive for consumers to visit. In store, we provided value-added services such as smart shop assistants, alternate service and speed checkout via mobile.

Traffic to Uniqlo stores this year is 10 times more than last year during Single's Day. There were long lines in front of every Uniqlo stores. Not only that, each Single's Day order is 34% more than the ones online. This offline plus online approach makes Uniqlo the biggest winner in terms of sales in the apparel category this Single's Day.

Our strategy was three-fold: 1) Analyzing which product lines consumers buy offline. 2) Uniqlo identified all online mobile shoppers that had added items to their shopping carts, but not yet completed a purchase. And we offered them offline coupons. 3) Providing additional in store mobile services. We combined years of consumer insights of Single's Day shopping, category understand, location data and purchase behavior of this Single's Day, segmented consumers and pushed relevant messages and creatives to different audiences, all to maximize traffic to the 500 stores Uniqlo has all over China.


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