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Idea Creation DDB WORLDWIDE Hong Kong, HONG KONG


Name Company Position
Keith Ho DDB Group Hong Kong Chief Creative Officer & Managing Director
Clara Ho DDB Group Hong Kong Creative Director
Iris Chang DDB Group Hong Kong Senior Art Director
Fiona Hui DDB Group Hong Kong English Copywriter

The Campaign

Good luck charms and pendants have been a part of Chinese culture for generations. Whether they are superstitious or not, to our elders, these charms and pendants come as natural as breathing, and it is something that they never forget. Leveraging the insight of how jade pendants are ingrained in our culture and tradition, DAWN JEWELLERY took Bluetooth tracking technology, and built it into traditional jade pendants. HOMEBOUND PENDANT, a simple solution that ensures our wearables are presented to elders as something that would never leave their side. With HOMEBOUND PENDANT, our elders will always be just a phone tap away.

Creative Execution

HOMEBOUND PENDANT is a simple tracking solution that our Alzheimer’s elders won’t ever leave home without. It takes Bluetooth tracking technology and builds it into traditional Chinese jade pendants. By installing the application on mobile devices, and pairing it up with a HOMEBOUND PENDANT, you can recruit help when your elder goes missing by simply tapping the “Report Lost” button, which sends an alert to all HOMEBOUND apps and automatically shares a social media status about the emergency to crowdsource the HOMEBOUND community and recruit friends to join in on the search effort. Once your missing elder is detected by one of the HOMEBOUND users’ phone, an update of the elder’s last seen location will be reported instantly. The HOMEBOUND PENDANT is available for sale at store and the app was launched on Google Play App-Store.

We have achieved a strong result that exceeds our targets. By building a Bluetooth tracker into jade pendants, we created a simple tracking solution that our elders won’t leave home without, giving their families a greater peace of mind, and reinforcing our image of a loving and caring business that our consumers are attached to. 90% of interviewed users reported that their elders have been inseparable with their HOMEBOUND PENDANTS. Overall, all interviewed users reported greater peace of mind. We also received recognition from Hong Kong Alzheimer’s Research Association, and we are in discussion on future collaboration opportunities. DAWN JEWELLERY, as a local jewellery brand, saw a way to apply its existing products to produce something that directly helps Alzheimer’s families in Hong Kong.

The common problem with existing tracking technology is that Alzheimer’s elders forget to bring it with them. DAWN JEWELLERY is a Chinese jewellery brand sought to create deeper connection with consumers and contribute to the society. Knowing a lot of Hong Kong elders suffer from Alzheimer’s, we saw an opportunity to help. Our approach was to combine trackers with something we were already selling, the elders are inseparable with – traditional jade pendants. With mobile devices becoming ubiquitous in today’s society, we also make use of them and turn them into a tool that helps search for missing elders, so essentially most of the society can be part of the help. When an elder goes missing, the search process happens and relies on mobile devices, with it detecting the missing elder’s location and updating any relevant information, it also shares a social media status about the emergency to recruit helpers.


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