Product / ServiceTOYOTA
CategoryB02. Mobile Apps
Idea Creation TEAMLAB Tokyo, JAPAN
Media Placement DELPHYS Tokyo, JAPAN
Production TEAMLAB Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Isao Kawano Delphys Activation Planning Director
Daisuke Sakai teamLab co-founder
Joe Yoshimura teamLab co-founder
Yura Kazuhiro teamLab Engineer
ISHIDA TAKESHI teamlab Catalyst
Shimpei Matsui Life is Tech Executive Officer
Ryota Iijima Delphys Digital Communication Planning Director
Midori Kobayashi Delphys Account
Masayuki Osawa Boostar PR Planning
Koichi Yamamoto TYA Creative Director
Andres Lopez TYA Creative Director
Wataru Tamura teamLab Creative Director

The Campaign

Created an app "Mobilmo" in order to provide more Digital Monozukuri (making things) opportunities of creativity & co-creation for children.

Creative Execution

Mobilmo is designed based on the culture of software development. I is recommended that people around the world can appropriate ideas publicized in open sources and make improvements on them. We have been able to make use of the great variety of modules devised by creative individuals around the world, improving them and combining them so as to come up with new developments on a daily basis. By sharing what were created, the creativity of society as a whole will increase. Mobilmo also makes use of this idea. In the world of Mobilmo the mobile bodies we create can be shared around the world. And by sharing them, your own mobile body can appear on the planets of users around the world, so that it can be used as just like a software open source. As a result, the world’s users can freely copy parts from this Mobilmo.

Over 400K downloads / Over 1K users in 16 countries / Approx. 0.5mil mobile bodies (mobilmo) were created

In modern society, digital technology has infiltrated more and more areas of our lives and an increasing number of tasks have been taken over by machines. In the society of the future, things that can only be performed by humans, which means cooperative creativity, will be most important for all of us. Targeting all children all over the world, "Mobilmo" was developed to let children to discover new ways of making something truly unique and to connect with others.


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