CategoryA07. Data / Insight
Media Placement HAKUHODO I-STUDIO Tokyo, JAPAN
Production 2 TAIYO KIKAKU Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Takuro Nakajima HAKUHODO i-studio Creative Director
Yosuke Sasagaki HAKUHODO i-studio Art Director
Junpei Kawasaki HAKUHODO i-studio Producer
Takafumi Kato HAKUHODO i-studio PR
Miki Senoo HAKUHODO i-studio PR
Marie Sato HAKUHODO i-studio PR
Yoshimasa Yokoyama HAKUHODO i-studio Technical Director / Frontend Engineer
Mika Nakagawa HAKUHODO i-studio Designer
Shunichi Izawa HAKUHODO i-studio Frontend Engineer
Yuuki Kobayashi HAKUHODO i-studio Frontend Engineer
Hiroshi Koi HAKUHODO i-studio Technical Director
Toshihiko Shindo HAKUHODO i-studio Hardware Engineer
Hiroto Tsuchiya HAKUHODO i-studio Backend Engineer
Yuta Hirakawa HAKUHODO i-studio Programmer
Takafumi ooyama HAKUHODO i-studio Programmer
Maiko Shimada TAIYO KIKAKU Producer
Leo Otake TAIYO KIKAKU Production Manager
Kanna Naiki TAIYO KIKAKU Production Manager
Tsuyoshi Okawa TAIYO KIKAKU Production Manager
Aika Miyake Freelance Director/Editor
Andrzej Rudz Freelance Cinematographer
Chris Rudz Freelance Cinematographer
Rina Hirasawa Dadab Animator
Akari Tatsumi TAIYO KIKAKU Mixcer
Sam Bilen Primary Color Music Music
Bruce Nachbar Freelance Copy Writer

The Campaign

LifeLineLunchBox is an IOT lunch box that has taken an entirely new approach on safety measures in snowy-mountains. With Sony's LPWA-type radio transmission system, users are able to send their location data even in areas that do not get service, and the location data is available on the Internet for anyone to see. If one needs help, they can send the HELP signal and call for rescue. The lunch box itself is filled with local gourmet, so the lunch box is able to both satisfy people's stomachs and ensure their safety.

Creative Execution

Base Location : Sony's LPWA-type radio transmission system. By setting antennas in target areas, we created our own 920MHz wide-ranged network. IOT Device : A lunch box embedded with GPS sensors and an antenna and battery to receive signals from the LPWA system. Smart Device : Showcased a 3D map created with WebGL for web browsers and apps. We visualized user's location information in real time. · A lunch box embedded with GPS and long-range wireless communication ability, and a web page that shows real time information in 3D. · Events in 13 resort locations in Japan ·Established communication between people who enjoy outdoor activities and brands through the lunch box that houses long-distance wireless technology. The LPWA transmission system is a low-power and wide-area communication system, and the amount of data that can be transmitted is very small. LifeLineLunchBox utilizes that characteristic to its full extent, and set up antennas across mountains where electricity is limited. By collecting a minimum amount of coordinate data and elevation data in real-time, the system is designed to build a dynamic experience.

In 6 months, we calculated over 400 users had underwent this experience, and we collected over 35,000 points of information data. At the beginning of the season, we started at 1 location, but by the end of the season we expanded to 13 locations. Through media, this idea has reached both domestic and international tourists.

We managed the behavioral data of users in the mountains, which had not been done up until now, for in times of rescue and to let families know of the users' safety. We found a solution for rescue teams who were unable to accurately search the premises in times of need because data from avalanche transceivers and individual GPS data were not managed properly. We have also analyzed the collected data to look for trends that could be used for marketing. By collecting, analyzing and sharing the location information of users in the mountains in real time, we connected mountain climbers and skiers to their families, manufacturers and mountain administrators. We have opened up the doors of the closed-off mountains to the public, and created a framework in which people are aware of safety precautions so that they stay safe.


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