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Idea Creation McCANN INDIA Mumbai, INDIA


Name Company Position
Pranav Bhide McCann Worldgroup Mumbai Creative Director
Prasoon Joshi McCann Worldgroup India Chief Creative Officer

Brief Explanation

Owning to the nature of Dyslexia, children who have to undergo this condition find themselves removed from the normative community that pushes them to conform rather than facilitating them to learn better in a holistic safe environment. The objectives were three; to create awareness of dyslexia amongst schools, nurture partnerships between schools & the MDA and sensitize the support community - parents and teachers. Discerning the client expectations and balancing them with the truth of the situation we realized that the best way to reach these children, their parents and teachers was through a medium which they engage with on a daily basis. Moving away from TVCs and digital activations due to the lack of funds, we zeroed in on a very traditional medium with a modern approach so that we weren't just talking about it, we were bringing the dyslexia unaware world on the other side of the dyslexia divide. The 'book' has always been a form of imparting ideas and coalescing people into one belief. They are the instruments through which we learn and propagate and are fundamental in every education system since the innovation of the paper and the quill. Content aside, books are an integral part of a child's backpack and find resonance amongst parents and teachers who have grown up with books more so than digital screens with similar functions. Its global appeal and universal stipulation for every child, whether in the form of stories or knowledge made us sure that the same book and its words, that the dyslexic child dreads, needs to be reinvented. While spoken language were interpreted, reading the signs and symbols as texts are always daunting for a dyslexic child and thereby daunting for their efforts towards education. Our insight through research showcased the sheer will and effort of these children to learn and do better, but also the lack of the same from the support community towards their learning. Therefore, taking the dancing letters from their learning experience we conceptualized an entire 15 page workbook to help a child understand what he/she sees and help parents and teachers alike to impart the knowledge they wish to. This book busted myths about dyslexia thereby comforting parents, helped teachers understand the challenges of a Dyslexic child and most importantly helped the child learn Through direct mail we percolated the book to different addresses creating a significant rise in queries, requests for the book and school partnership proposals and hence meeting all the objectives of our client.