Creative Effectiveness Spike
Product / ServiceARIEL MATIC
CategoryA03. Long-Term Creative Effectiveness
Idea Creation BBDO INDIA Mumbai, INDIA


Name Company Position
Josy Paul BBDO India Chairman & CCO
Ajai Jhala BBDO India Chief Executive Officer
Hemant Shringy BBDO India Executive Creative Director
Rajat Mendhi BBDO India Executive Vie President - Planning
Sandeep Sawant BBDO India Executive Creative Director
Manisha Sain BBDO India Associate Vice President - Planning
Balakrishna Gajelli BBDO India Sr. Creative Director
Nilza Dmello BBDO India Sr. Account Executive
Hitesh Shah BBDO India Head of Production
Rajeev Mohite BBDO India Studio Visual Editor
BBDO Studio Team BBDO India Production

Brief Explanation

Some campaigns can change a brand’s fortunes within a category. Some campaigns can disrupt and redefine categories. Some campaigns can move society forward in a small but meaningful way, redefine the category and change a brand’s fortunes. In 2015, in the face of competition, Ariel, a premium detergent brand in India, did the latter with ‘Share The Load’– a social movement that didn’t focus on removing clothes stains, but on removing the cultural stain of gender inequality in the home to liberate women from the obligation of doing laundry. The movement more than delivered on its objectives in 2015: it generated immense positive attention for the brand, helping Ariel Matic, Ariel’s premium detergent brand for washing machines, almost double sales. The movement was honoured as the top marketing campaign in the WARC100 list, a Grand Prix at both WARC Asia Strategy Awards and the APAC Effies and a Bronze Cannes Effectiveness Lion. The success achieved was humbling. But from the start we knew gender inequality in the home is a massive cultural issue. There is no quick fix for it and we needed to be committed to it over the longer term to make any meaningful difference. This case study focuses on how Ariel’s ‘Share The Load’ movement over 2 years (2015 and 2016) focused on the condition of gender inequality in the home and then the conditioning that creates the issue to drive significant social and business impact.