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Josy Paul BBDO India Chairman and Chief Creative Officer
Ajai Jhala BBDO India Chief Executive Officer
Rajesh Sikroria BBDO India President
Ritu Sharda BBDO India Sr. Executive Creative Director
Anunay Rai BBDO India Sr. Creative Director
Gaurangi Mathur BBDO India Group Head - Copy
Natasha Mehra BBDO India Sr. Art Director
Aakancha BBDO India Copywriter
Gireesh Gupta BBDO India Executive Vice President
Proteek Dey BBDO India Account Director
Radheyshyam Keshari BBDO India Sr. Account Executive
Ninad Satpute BBDO India Vice President Planning
Rashi Jain BBDO India Account Director Planning
Manoj K Yogi BBDO India All India Print Production & Studio Head
Jitendra Pal Singh BBDO India Studio and Production Manager
Syamsunder Rawat BBDO India Studio Manager
Angad Singh Negi BBDO India Graphic Designer
K V Krishnam Raju BBDO India Agency Producer
Vipul Prakash PepsiCo India Sr. Vice President, Beverages, India Region
Gaurav Verma PepsiCo India Associate Director, Flavors Marketing
Prachi Patil PepsiCo India Manager Brand Marketing, Mirinda

Brief Explanation

#ReleaseThePressure was more than an advertising campaign with a start and stop date. We wanted this to be a movement would could become the voice of Indian teens. We wanted this to be as authentic as possible.We applied a 3-phase communication model to bring the idea to life 1. Jolt a reaction a) Open Letter Web Video: Our research process through the medium of open letters revealed many heartfelt stories of teenagers and the pressures that they were going through. We realized that via open letters, teens were reaching out to find a release for their bottled-up feelings. We converted stories from these letters into a heart wrenching digital film. The objective of the film was not only to give the teens a release, but also help parents realize in an empathetic manner how their good but misplaced intentions lead to serious health and emotional consequences.This film was released on YouTube and other web video mediums in January-just before the January-March Exam season. 2. Motivate Action Now that we had jolted a reaction and touched a nerve, we turned reaction into action by doing two simple acts targeted at both parents and teens a) The ‘Release the Pressure’ Pledge by parents The pledge aimed to drive actual behavioural change by inviting parents to take a pledge to ‘Release the Pressure’ on their children.We activated over 100 retail points with giant Mirinda bottles. Parents could show their commitment by signing the bottle. On 9th March, the opening day of India’s biggest high-pressure exams, leading newspaper carried stickers with the message Release The Pressure. The idea was to enable parents to paste the sticker to their children’s exam boards to show their resolve. They could also show their commitment by calling a toll-free number. b) “Release the Pressure” Counselling Mirinda tied up with Fortis Hospitals and organized counselling sessions for parents and teens on ‘Managing exam stress’.This was live streamed on Facebook Live. 3. Distinction and sales: a) The bottle as a communications medium: Mirinda turned its 11 million bottles into a medium of communication by printing these open letters on the label of the bottle and a message to #ReleaseThePressure on the cap.