CategoryA01. Creative Effectiveness
Idea Creation HOST/HAVAS Sydney, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Jon Austin Host/Havas ECD
Andrew Dengate Host/Havas Account Director
Eleanor Rout Host/Havas Producer

Brief Explanation

With more and more trans-Tasman routes opening up, flown by an array of airlines, Air New Zealand, the national carrier of New Zealand, can't compete in terms of marketing budget, price point or fleet size to persuade travellers to fly with them to and from New Zealand. Therefore, they rely heavily on brand love and national pride to earn consideration amongst trans-Tasman travellers. Over Christmas, Air New Zealand wanted to build brand love and national pride amongst New Zealanders both at home and abroad (New Zealand has the world's largest diaspora, per capita) to drive preference. However, Christmas is the busiest time of year for brands, and we found ourselves against much bigger brands with much bigger budgets, all shouting for attention. We needed an idea that would earn it's own attention and thrive in social channels amongst our Kiwi audience. Our idea began with a realisation. No matter where you are in the world, Christmas is always marketed the same way. We're inundated with visuals of mistletoe and roaring fires, and forced to listen to songs about frightful weather and frosty snowmen. But for those of us down in the Southern Hemisphere, Christmas isn't like that at all. It falls in the middle of Summer, full of balmy days and sandy beaches. The traditional notions of a Northern Hemisphere Christmas don't resonate at all. So, as a champion of all things Kiwi, Air New Zealand partenered with up-and-coming New Zealand actor Julian Dennison, and definitively-Northern singer Ronan Keating to create a new Christmas carol - one just for New Zealand. Summer Wonderland. We launched with an online film, and followed up with an official music track and music video. We made the sheet music and lyrics downloadable. And, before long, Summer Wonderland had become more than just a genuine New Zealand anthem. It (and Air New Zealand) had become embedded in New Zealand Christmas culture. With just a $15,000 global media spend, we achieved the following: - The campaign increased Air New Zealand's corporate sentiment by a whopping 26%* - 'Proud to be a Kiwi' metric increased by 21%* - Our film got over 20 million views (with 84.4% of them organic). - The film received a 96.6% positive sentiment score on Facebook. - Summer Wonderland became the first brand-made song to reach #1 on NZ iTunes. - The song was taught in multiple New Zealand primary schools, and used as a tool to assist English as Second Language Students in New Zealand. - It was shared over 140,000 times (Air New Zealand's most shared piece of content). - It was ranked #1 on Youtube's Most Watched Ads in New Zealand in 2016. - Post the campaign, consideration for Air New Zealand in the Australian market surpassed that of Qantas as a Trans Tasman carrier (68% vs 63%). - Earned over $3.7 million in advertising value. - Able to retarget over 3 million people in Australia alone with future sales messages. *Air New Zealand Brand Tracker results.