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SANTOSH PADHI Taproot Dentsu India Communication Pvt.Ltd CCO & Co-Founder
Agnello Dias Taproot Dentsu India Communication Pvt. Ltd. CCO & Co-Founder
Piyush Gupta Taproot Dentsu India Communication Pvt. Ltd. Creative Director
Apoorva Jain Taproot Dentsu India Communication Pvt. Ltd. Group head
Shradha Japtap Taproot Dentsu India Communication Pvt. Ltd. Art Director
Umesh Shrikhande Taproot Dentsu India Communication Pvt. Ltd. CEO
Ayesha Ghosh Taproot Dentsu India Communication Pvt. Ltd. Business Head
Gargi Raju Taproot Dentsu India Communication Pvt. Ltd. Associate Account Director
Purushottam Joshi Taproot Dentsu India Communication Pvt. Ltd. Production Head
Nomad Films Nomad Films Production house
Vineet Bagga Film Director

Brief Explanation

Sportswear, in general, has always been in the motivational, inspirational space. Many brands have been at the forefront of this category with highly inspirational campaigns. While innovations and endorsements create buzz for sales, very little has been done in terms of brand action. Source: Secondary research, Client research data Adidas took this opportunity to identify an inspiring, inclusive cause which was also a credible basis for the business. REVELATION FROM RESEARCH: 1. There were over 10 million amputees in the world. 2. They had to pay for a pair of shoes when they could use just one. Resulting In inconvenience and wastage of million US dollars every year. IDEA: ONE LEG. TWO SHOES. INSIGHT: IF YOU HAVE THE CONVICTION TO RUN AGAINST THE ODDS, ONE LEG IS ALL YOU NEED ‘ODDS’ – a pair of shoes with 2 rights or 2 lefts, were designed and made available for amputees. This idea reflected Adidas' brand Motto of 'No Athlete Left behind'. CAMPAIGN OBJECTIVES: 1. Maximize PR coverage. 2. Achieve a combined media reach of 10 million impressions For the idea to be compelling, it was critical to choose someone who would relate to this cause and be one with it. Hence, Major D. P. Singh, India’s first blade runner and war veteran became the face of the commercial. The commercial highlighted his true story of grit and resilient resurgence. Even after losing his leg in the war, he continued his quest to run despite the odds and became India’s first blade runner. This was an inspiration in itself and helped provide the credibility for the campaign at launch. The campaign was then strategically timed to launch during and after the World Paralympics (Brazil) in 2016. MEDIA MIX: 1. The TV commercial narrated the story of Major D. P. Singh and placed the innovation bang in the middle of his story. The credible face for the cause inspired numerous from and outside the paraplegic community. 2. Radio, Print ads, Billboards supplemented the key message along with in-store coverage and displays. 3. Online placements to seed and provoke a national conversation. Results: The campaign was covered by numerous news agencies, channels, nationally and internationally. The Amputee Association of India contributed to the conversation through its appreciation of this campaign. This set into motion an overwhelming and enthusiastic participation from sports stars, digital communities and bloggers adding to the conversations about this cause. PR worth USD 9.5 million was generated for this campaign. It achieved a combined media reach of over 10 million impressions. With over 5 million views in the first week itself, this campaign achieved a total of over 27 million media impressions in the campaign period. Adidas Odds became the most talked about campaign during the World Paralympics resulting in the creation of the much-needed awareness this cause deserved. METRICS: PR coverage measurement, Media impressions, Social media analysis data from Client