Short List
CategoryA01. Food & Drink
Idea Creation INNORED Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
Media Placement INNORED Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
Production WEPP Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
Production 2 SONYEON Seoul, SOUTH KOREA


Name Company Position
All INNORED Associates INNORED Creative
Kang Sinuk WePP E.PD
Kang Sungjae WePP Film PD
Lim Byeonghyeon SONYEON Director
Kim Yong SONYEON A.Director
Craig Wightman Kinneir Dufort Chief Design Officer
James Eelbeck Kinneir Dufort Senior Innovation Consultant
Joe Perry Kinneir Dufort Industrial Designer
Andy Gordan Kinneir Dufort Industrial Designer

The Campaign

One of the first things that pops into the mind of Korean youth when hearing “Banana-Flavored Milk” is the Korean traditional earthenware ‘crock pot’ shaped food container, an easily recognizable likeness that has remained unchanged for more than 40 years. The shape has also earned Banana-Flavored Milk the affectionate nickname ‘ddung-ba’, which translates into English as ‘cute, chubby banana’. Along with this and its crock pot-shaped container, another feature associated with Banana-Flavored Milk is the thin, yellow straw included with the beverage. Despite the popular catchphrase ‘true taste only with a straw’, the straw itself has been overshadowed by the crock pot-shaped container.

Creative Execution

To deliver this experience, we developed five different versions of “MyStraws” over a period of five months in collaboration with our client, and the highly-regarded UK design consulting company. The five types of MyStraw were done so with a practical use in mind, not simply for aesthetically pleasing props in a commercial shoot. Therefore four design was constructed with high-quality food-grade materials which name of ‘Fire Extinguisher Straw’, ‘Love Straw’, ‘Ringer Straw’, ‘Icy Straw’ and ‘Multi Straw’. And the campaign videos were shot different place to express each lifestyle of millennials. Korean spa for Multi straw, a national park for Love straw, snack bar for Fire Extinguisher straw, home apartment for Ringer straw and gym for Icy straw. One week into the release, three of the five types were manufactured as products for sale and within a week all of the products were completely sold out.


Within 12days of the online release, we collectively garnered over 10million views. By the 3rd week, that number reached an impressive 20million views. A total number of worldwide views is 45million as of March 2018. It including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other platforms. With over 11,300shares, it was immediately clear that the goal of establishing a fresh, new and innovative brand positioning was a success with the millennial target. Three of the five types were manufactured as products available on the popular Korean e-commerce platform. On the first day of the online sales, 3,000sets were purchased and all of the MyStraw products were completely sold out within a week. Particularly pleasing to the makers of Banana-Flavored Milk was the reaction of YouTube influencers, as well as other ordinary consumers, who voluntarily uploaded MyStraw product reviews, garnering more than 1.4million views-amounting to over 80millionKRW($72,000USD) worth of organic media exposure.

Consumers who watch the videos and then try the products for themselves are uploading their experience using the hashtags #MyStraw and #BananaFlavoredMilk. The versatility of the current campaign and its successful organic growth and resonance with the ever-evolving millennial mindset, is the ideal result, illustrating that this campaign accomplished its goal of taking a traditionally popular brand and giving it a fresh new, innovative spin that appeals to a new generation of consumers.

With this in mind, we accepted the challenge to expand on Banana-Flavored Milk’s unique charm with a campaign focusing on the straw. By looking beyond its functional role as a drinking device, we sought to position it as a ‘partner accessory’ -offering a unique, fresh look that complements the characteristically shaped container, while tailoring the campaign to engage millennials in an innovative new way. While the function is still that of a straw used to drink Banana-Flavored Milk, we sought to create a novel experience when enjoying the beverage with a line of cleverly-designed, out of the ordinary straws in tune with a youthful lifestyle. We focused on two primary principles for the development of MyStraw: 1) While possessing its own unique personality and a touch of humor, each straw must synergistically accentuate the characteristic ‘crock pot’ shape. 2) The straw design must also resonate with millennials and their lifestyle.


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