Product / ServiceNULON MOTOR OILS
CategoryA05. Automotive
Idea Creation EDGE Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Media Placement EDGE Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Production EDGE Sydney, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Matt Batten Edge Executive Creative Director
Richard Parker Edge Executive Planning Director
Chris Stewart Edge Senior Art Director
Dani White Edge Copywriter
Roger Heath Edge Copywriter
Scott Sparks Edge Art Director
Meghan Winger Edge Senior Account Director
Vivek Thakkar Edge Account Manager
Kenny McLeod Edge Account Manager
Inez Zimakowksi Edge Media Director
Sophia Delimihalis Edge Producer
Emily Bull Edge Producer
Where There's Smoke Where There's Smoke Film Production
Andrew Hawkins Motive DVD Videographer

The Campaign

Nulon is owned by a family of motoring enthusiasts. They ARE authentic. The oil business is in their blood. They’re constantly thinking about ways to improve their product using real-world experience with their cars. This pursuit of the perfect motor keeps Nulon's customers up at night, and wakes them in the early morning. They’ve been tinkering, dreaming and making their whole lives. Just like you, we were BORN THIS WAY. This was our creative platform from which our idea was to tell authentic stories. By focusing on real people and their cars – how they are born this way – Nulon would be able to better connect with their car-loving audience, sharing the obsession. By taking the campaign to this grass-roots level, we would be able tor each our audience on their terms, in the channels they use, and have them become advocates.

Creative Execution

We kicked off the campaign with a 2-minute launch film on YouTube and Facebook, designed to unpack our ‘Born This Way’ proposition in the form of a gutsy manifesto, declaring Nulon’s shared obsession with its audience. To ensure continued engagement, the film also appeared in 15 and 30 second cut-downs along with static posts, GIFs, and link posts. These were organic only, designed to keep Nulon’s new, growing fan base engaged throughout the campaign. Data was being collected and remarketing pools generated so we could then target this audience with the ‘Born This Way Modifiers series’ - a series of short-form documentaries. Each episode showcased the story of a real enthusiast, their amazing car, and why they were 'born this way'. We planned to produce just 5 documentaries. However, once we started, and saw the hugely positive response, our ‘Modifiers’ series became open-ended and has so far produced 30 mini-documentaries.


• 2-minute launch film reached over 2 million viewers and achieved 2.4 million views. • One 15-second cut-down reached over 1.5 million viewers for just AUD8800 spend. • Over 13 million impressions for launch films. • Total reach of 3.1 million on Facebook, 1 million on Instagram, 1.3 million on YouTube. • Re-marketing pool of 2.3 million consumers built. • Nulon's YouTube subscribers grew by 1966% (20 times). • Incredibly efficient cost per thousand (CPM) of $3.23 (against Facebook average of $12.45) • Even more efficient cost per view (CPV) of $0.02 (against Facebook average of $0.11) • Achieved Facebook/Instagram Relevance Score of 8 out of 10. • Nulon's Fully Synthetic Oils had YOY sales uplift of +46.5% by value ($), compared to 23.7% for the category • YOY sales uplift of +54.2% by volume, compared to 28.8% for the category.

This campaign used Facebook data to directly target Australian consumers whose profile showed them to be a car enthusiast (likes auto brands, interacts with auto content, etc). Of those targeted, anyone who responded to our content was captured in a database for remarketing. User data was cross-matched across other social platforms to serve more content and deeper engage the audience. This campaign built a consumer relationship through a unifying creative platform that drove brand affinity and ultimately lead to sales conversions in-store due to brand preference.

As a digital-only campaign with limited budget, the channel strategy had to maximise cross-channel reach and limit wastage. Due to the sheer audience volumes available on Facebook and YouTube, these were chosen as the primary media channels for the campaign. Our audience was a highly specific one, males between the ages of 16 and 45, interested in custom cars and automotive DIY. To gain reach and hit every consumer in the auto space, we targeted custom car magazine fans, fans of Mighty Car Mods YouTube channel, and fans of models that are big in the car scene, including the Nissan GTR, Silvia, and Toyota Supra, along with muscle cars and European car brands to cover the three segments. This targeting allowed us to create a massive audience pool of 2.1 million users on Facebook, while still ensuring those reached by the campaign were within our target audience, eliminating wastage.

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