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CategoryD01. Data Strategy
Idea Creation MINDSHARE Gurgaon, INDIA
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The Campaign

The sports fraternity is a closely knit group and they share similar interests, passions & affinities with fellow sportspersons. Active sports-people will display similar habits and behaviors throughout – differing only by the brand of choice. Taking this insight using Kantar Live Panel, we mapped behaviors (especially media & content consumption patterns) of a group of 300 actual consumers of Gatorade. The Custom Audience was then mapped with Double-Click ids and programmatic machine learning was used to create a Look Alike Audience segment to represent our core audiences. 300 base to look alike base of 5Mn, hence got created. Therefore, to reach this super niche audience, it required a radical planning approach which would ensure: 1. Identification of the Bulls Eye TG 2. Adaptability to a scalable model with minimum Spillage 3. Nurturing the same throughout brand lifecycle for a product which is high on functional attributes

Creative Execution

We opted to run a sequential communication approach: The 5Mln audience was exposed a 30 sec video commercial at a frequency of 2 to build reach Completers of the 30 sec video where then exposed to a 15 sec edit of the same video to add to frequency of exposure over the next 4 weeks. Finally, completers of the 15sec video were further exposed with a 5 sec edit to boost top of mind recall and further the frequency distribution.


The campaign delivered, 24 MN completed views 30% more than industry benchmark 52 Clicks generated 146% More than planned As compared to last year, there was - 45% decrease in eCPCV - 60% increase in VTR 32% increase sales volume as compared to the previous year.

Identification of the Bulls Eye TG with a base of 300, extrapolated directly into the Online universe.

Data driven digital channels that are deployed via programmatic platforms are very effective in accurate targeting and reducing spill, unlike most traditional media platforms that have a high volume of sports enthusiasts rather than actual sportsperson. Once we had a significantly large pool of 5Mln Look Alike Audiences we began to target them on YouTube programmatically.