Product / ServiceVW TECHNOLOGY
CategoryA05. Automotive
Idea Creation PROXIMITY CHINA Beijing, CHINA
Idea Creation 2 GOODSTEIN Shanghai, CHINA


Name Company Position
Georg Warga Goodstein Creative Director
Maureen Sherrard Goodstein Creative Producer
Howard Mok Proximity Beijing Co-writer
UJ Huang/Francesca Feng Proximity Beijing Account Executives
Mariano Garcia Cruz Freelancer Senior Art Director
Tania Huiny Freelancer Art Director
Colin Lai The Shanghai Job Executive Producer
Paul Goldman Freelancer Director Director
Antonio Gómez-Pan Freelancer Editor
Andreas Lampe weareflink Executive Producer
Niko Tziopanos weareflink Animator
Lotsi Litzenberger Freelancer Illustrator

The Campaign

In late 2017, Victoria’s Secret Chinese super model Ming Xi’s epic fall on the catwalk in front of her home crowd, created a huge outcry on Chinese social media. Since Volkswagen knows a thing or two about avoiding accidents, we created a fashion disaster of our own. Inspired by VW LED technology, Kate Wong our made up fashion designer creates LED Eye Lashes to avoid another Catwalk collision at her latest fashion show.

Creative Execution

During the campaign, a digitally based online to offline ecosystem was built for user engagement and interaction. VIRAL VIDEO Kate Wong. Talented fashion designer with a problem. Models just caused yet another accident on her latest fashion show. But inspired by a near accident of her own and saved by Volkswagen’s LED swiping indicators, she invents this: LED Eyelashes, to indicate her models to go left or right on the catwalk and avoid any future collisions. REAL LED EYELASHES The viral video was part of an integrated campaign and although Kate Wong’s story was fictional, her LED Eyelashes were real and used as a giveaways in the campaign. ONLINE GAME In order to get the eyelashes, you had to play a game. You just had to avoid another Catwalk Collision. ONLINE INFLUENCERS Fashion bloggers multiplied the efforts to distribute the LED Eyelashes, making the Catwalk Collision disaster, a UGC success.


The main objective of Volkswagen’s technology campaign was to increase their social media followers and fans and promote their new LED swiping indicators. All key performance indicators: mainly video views, shares, game plays, comments and number of new followers in social media (*Wechat) were well achieved. Over 14 million video views (combined video platforms; SOHU, Netease, Tencent News and Target Social have contributed the most) 1.272.911 million shares. (Target Social has contributed the most shares. (95%) 3.8 million game plays (Game engagement has been over-achieved by 82%) 57 thousand comments on various social media (Content media (Baby Tree) is the key contributor. (88%) 70,645 New VW WeChat Followers (Acquisition)

Volkswagen offers technology that can be truly embraced by everyone. To prove this, we created an unexpected portrait of an unlikely driver outside the conventional show and tell. In a mockumentary, a fashion designer with a problem gets inspired by Volkswagen LED Technology. Following her journey leads to entertaining touchpoint and strong participation in social media in terms of video views, game plays and user generated content including social media influencers . All resulting in optimized brand advocacy and achieving success in all key performance indicators.

This technology campaign spoke to the Chinese aspiring middle class. The confident, progressive and ambitious group of people who strive for a better lifestyle. This group is highly active on social media and are constantly adapting to new technologies, products & services and retail experiences at rates unseen in developed markets. Our approach was to develop appealing and impactful online video, entertaining games and surprising giveaways that created excitement and buzz with a touch of humor to not only bring back Volkswagen’s trademark ‘twinkle in the eye’ into Chinese advertising but ultimately increase social media fans and followers.