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Name Company Position
Shunsuke Kakinami McCann Health Japan Group Creative Director
Hisashi Matsui McCann Health Japan Senior Art Director
Noriaki Tanimura McCann Health Japan Art Director
Mai Kaneda McCann Health Japan Senior Experience Designer/Copywriter
Shinichiro Oku McCann Health Japan Account Director
Hideki Kanishi McCann Health Japan Senior Producer
Sean Riley McCann Health Japan Executive Creative Director
Manami Sakamura ANGFA Head of Public Relation Section
Shiho Tanaka ANGFA Public Relation Section
Kyoichi Hara SEIO PRINTING CO., LTD. Production Manager
Misa Syouiriki SEIO PRINTING CO., LTD. Production Producer
Go Watanabe HAKUSHODO INC. Production Manager
Yasuyuki Ono AMANA INC. Film Producer
Makoto Imamura AMANA INC. Film Director

The Campaign

The Washable Book is a low-tech innovation that transforms reading into physical learning, to inspire behavioral change. The book’s characters reach their colorful futures only by having their dirty hands physically washed on the pages. The repeated action helps the children make the connection between hand washing and reaching their own future goals. The book leverages color watermark printing, a new technology printed in 3 layers: when the character’s dirty hand on the top layer is exposed to water and soap, the special white ink of the middle layer becomes transparent, allowing the colorful future image of the character on the bottom layer to show through. Since it doesn't require batteries or expensive hardware, the book is reusable once it dries out - allowing many more children to learn that hand washing leads to healthier futures.

Creative Execution

As the first phase, 500 books were published in December 2017 to be gifted into the hands of children at elementary schools in rural areas of Cambodia - together with the germicidal soap. We partnered with two NGOs, 'SHARE' and 'Japan Philanthropic Association', to teach children the importance of hand washing with the Washable Book at schools and even in their own homes.


Over 1.5 billion media impressions in 3 weeks resulted in 18 times more bars of soap being gifted than projected. And reprinting is in progress for roll-out to other developing countries. But most importantly, the Washable Book is changing children’s futures, by changing their behavior.

This book transforms children's experience from simple literal reading, into a direct action of 'washing character’s hands on the pages'. The unique, physical and intuitive experience directly teaches children the importance of hand-washing, changing their hand-washing behavior and ultimately, their lives.

In many developing countries where illiteracy is a common problem and digital infrastructure is still limited, hand-washing is simply not a part of the culture. So we needed an intuitive, low-tech educational way to cross language, literacy and cultural barriers in order to positively change children's hand-washing behavior. We found it in a storybook where physically washing the pages is the only way to truly enjoy the story. Going beyond simple hygiene education, children are provided with first-hand experience of hand-washing through the story and how that action could lead to achieving and expanding their own future possibilities.


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