Product / ServiceYEAR WITH UBER
CategoryD03. Use of Real-time Data


Name Company Position
Cyril Louis R/GA Creative Director
Laurent Thevenet  R/GA Senior Technology Director
Pimwadee Lai R/GA Associate Creative Director
Rollen Gomes R/GA Senior Software Engineer
Mark Law R/GA Associate Creative Director
Daseul An R/GA Visual Designer
Sebastien Py R/GA Senior Producer
Joe Poynter R/GA Group Account Director
Donna Gonzales-Mapagu R/GA Senior QA Engineer
Nauman Hafiz R/GA Senior Technology Director
Aaron George R/GA Software Engineer
Dragon Chiang R/GA Software Engineer
Adriano Fernandes da Silva R/GA Senior Software Engineer
Andrew Bowles R/GA Senior Software Engineer
Sergio Kuba R/GA Technology Lead
Rivkah Tropper R/GA Technology Lead
Mihaela Arsene-Isbasescu R/GA QA Engineer 
The Fuse team Fuse Adventures in Audio Audio production team
Le Cube Team Le Cube Animation team

The Campaign

While any ridesharing service can get you from A to B, Uber understands that the reasons we travel - from everyday moments to new life experiences - are what matters most to customers. From this insight, Year with Uber was born: a web experience that celebrated Uber customers’ 2017, by turning their trip data into a personalised music video. For customers, it was entertaining content, highly personalised and shareable; its complexity concealed to create an effortless, engaging user experience. Behind the scenes, things got a little more complicated. An engine was built to pull together relevant lyrics and scenes to generate 5,184 possible video combinations. All based on each individual’s riding habits - their total distance travelled, most ‘Ubered’ time of day, even the cities they’ve ‘Ubered’ in. The result was a hyper-personalised music video with a modular structure, making no two users’ experiences the same.

Creative Execution

To create a true data-driven film, over 1,000 data points were explored, with 8 key data points selected as the backbone of the experience from which the scenes were crafted. These stories were first written as 200 scripts to capture the dynamism and cultural nuances of the region. Then, an original modular track was composed, with lyrics that corresponded to each data point’s sentiments. Scenes were hand-crafted, animated to match each lyrical sentiment. Each story, setting and character created to be relevant and relatable, both culturally and personally. The experience culminated in 2250 hours of hand-drawn animation, set to 29 modular verses in an original composition. All stitched together by a sophisticated engine, to generate each rider’s music video sequence from 5,184 possible combinations. Enter hyper-personalisation, where each music video was made unique by layering on the individual user’s riding stats as a super on top of the music video.


Year with Uber received an overwhelmingly positive response. Engagement was strong. The site saw 1.90M unique visits where users spent an average of 2.02 minutes on the experience - a 44% uplift from the previous year’s Year with Uber campaign. Once users started watching, they stayed until the end. 7 out of 10 people completed the full experience. 23% of which shared their personalised videos socially. The campaign saw a staggering 275% brand uplift during the campaign period compared to last year’s Year with Uber 2016. People loved it. Up to 64% of the users that saw the campaign recalled the main message and as much as 53% expressed positive change in their future intent to ride, firmly establishing Uber as a permanent fixture in their daily lives.

A celebration of memories. A recollection of moments. An experience that culminated in each user’s very own personalised music video, informed by their riding habits. Driven by real-time data and put directly into the hands of its audience, the experience connected with APAC Uber riders the same way Uber always had; directly via Uber’s owned media channels: email, an in-app notification, and card. The campaign saw a staggering uplift in brand love and a positive change in people’s future intent to ride. Thanks to a personalised, well-told story of their Year with Uber.

To mobilise Uber riders, the conversation had to be about them. The most personal way to achieve that was through their trip data and riding habits, leading to an exploration of over 1,000 data points from Uber’s API to find the ones that mattered most. 8 most interesting data points were selected to tell riders’ stories; like number of trips taken to whether they were a Weekend or Weekday Rider. Stories were extracted from these data points, inspired by life in Asia-Pacific. Filled with believable, relevant slice of life, scenes showed cars, people, and animals commonly sighted around the region. Festival scenes were included for cultural relevance and 2017 viral sensations, like Salt Bae and the fidget spinner, for timeliness. No matter how many trips a user has taken, they are sure to find a relevant story.


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