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CategoryA06. Retail
Media Placement OMD Bangkok, THAILAND


Name Company Position
Nils Andersson TBWA\Shanghai Chief Creative Officer
Veradis Vinyaratn TBWA\Thailand Chief Creative Officer
Chanatthapol Tiensri TBWA\DAN Thailand Executive Creative Director
Puttipong Pattanapongsagorn TBWA\DAN Thailand Associate Creative Director
Nils Andersson TBWA\Shanghai Art Director
Veradis Vinyaratn TBWA\Thailand Copywriter
Chanatthapol Tiensri TBWA\DAN Thailand Copywriter
Puttipong Pattanapongsagorn TBWA\DAN Thailand Copywriter
Punyaruk Baingern TBWA\DAN Thailand Art Director
Vissara Hirunwatsiri TBWA\Thailand Producer
Mark Petersen TBWA\Thailand Director International Business
Rathawan Sukanake TBWA\Thailand Associate Account Management Director
Pimruethai Akarawatsoonthorn TBWA\Thailand Account Director
Preeyaphat Sriamontham TBWA\Thailand Account Director
Chuthathip Muangwong TBWA\Thailand Senior Account Executive
Chalermsuk Bootvises TBWA\DAN Thailand Digital Creative Group Head
Phannapha Tubwat TBWA\DAN Thailand Executive Project Manager
Nita Boonchai TBWA\DAN Thailand Senior Project Manager
Hester Chew McThai Co., Ltd. Chairman of Executive Committee and Chief Executive
Phornphan Madhurapojanakul McThai Co., Ltd. Marketing Director
Suthasinee Chaikit McThai Co., Ltd. Marketing Manager
Kulticha Pruksanubal McThai Co., Ltd. Marketing Manager
Korakit Angkametarkorn McThai Co., Ltd. Digital Manager Marketing
Paul Spencer OMD Thailand Managing Director
Panruedee C. Charoenying OMD Thailand Business Director
Amornpol Jeamwongsirikul Kratai Tuentua CO,.LTD Producer
Thitipong Pimolwetkul KRATAI TUENTUA CO,.LTD Director
Sasiphon Chinakat Kratai Tuentua CO,.LTD Assistant Director
Artit Vongmetta Kratai Tuentua CO,.LTD Sound Engineer
Thana Snguannapaporn Kratai Tuentua CO,.LTD Graphic Director

The Campaign

While Thai office workers are too busy to leave the office for lunch, they often take short breaks throughout workdays to surf the internet and keep up with news and events. This provides a great opportunity for McDonald’s to get in touch with them directly. To stand out from the fierce competition of online communication, McDonald’s reached out to become parts of people’s daily routine by designing a new kind of media placements. For the first time, we replaced the full stops in online news articles favored by office workers with McDonald’s burgers. We created the Full Stop Burger Banners to enable our targets to get full at every full stop.

Creative Execution

9 of Thailand’s most popular burgers were recreated as small colorful icons to be used as the Full Stop Burger Interactive Banners, which replaced full stops in online articles in news websites such as The Nation News Portal. The unexpected bombarding placements of the Full Stops encouraged interactions through hovering over the Full Stop with a cursor or tapping it on mobile phones. The interactions would expand the banner, and activate an animation of a mouth devouring the newly enlarged Full Stop Burger. The mouth would morph into an invitation for the targets to have a full stop, and then auto-redirected them to the McDonald’s website or the McDelivery mobile application where they could order tasty and satisfying burgers for lunch. The Full Stop Burger Banners ran in online news articles for a week with a focus on morning news to lead the targets to order lunchtime delivery.


By using a simple change, McDonald’s had created a new online touchpoint that could reach the target audiences directly by waiting for them in the right place at exactly the right time. The banners helped to remind Thai office workers that whenever they stop for an internet break, they could also stop for lunch as well. The Full Stops had increased the number of visitors to the McDonald’s website and the McDelivery application by 15.8% compare with the previous daily average.

In Thailand, office workers do not have times for lunch breaks, but they still find time to stop for short internet breaks during workdays. McDonald’s wanted to remind people that they can get full whenever they stop for a break through the McDelivery service. Rather than waiting for our targets to come to us, we reached out to them during their brief online breaks by replacing the full stops in their preferred online news articles with the Full Stop Burger Banners. We enabled people to get full anytime they stop with McDonald’s burgers.

Keeping up with the ongoing topics is important for Thai office workers, and they often stop working to check the news. By reaching out to them at the right time in the right place, McDonald’s could both remind and enable our targets to have lunch. Using unusual media placements, McDonald’s created new media touchpoints to direct office workers to the McDelivery online channels. By replacing the regular full stops, McDonald’s Full Stop Burger Banners became delicious touchpoints right inside online news articles. Instead of being forced to the sideline like the typical banners, our Full Stop Banners always remained within the target’s focus. The Full Stop’s placements targeted the morning news articles to reach the office workers before the lunch hour. To maximize the chance of encounters, the Full Stops were placed in various news article from different sections to extensively cover our targets’ interests.


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