Product / ServiceMAN ON THE CURTAIN
CategoryA04. Consumer Durables
Idea Creation DENTSU INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
Production DENTSU INC. Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Oki Miichi DENTSU INC. Copywriter
Toshihide Kimura DENTSU INC. Creative Director
Takayuki Murano DENTSU INC. ArtDirector
Akiyoshi Kanoko DENTSU INC. Account Executive
Yosuke Mizumura DENTSU INC. Account Executive
Chisako Kimura DENTSU CREATIVE FORCE INC. Producer
Shunsuke Nakamura AOI Pro. Inc. Producer
Ken Ishii DAINICHI.CO.,LTD Producer
Takuma Aota DAINICHI.CO.,LTD Technologist
Ryohei Kumamoto AOI Pro. Inc. Director
Daisuke Takahashi freelance Photography
Takuya Kubo freelance Recording
Noriko Okada freelance Stylist
Takanobu Tsushima freelance Editor
Shigeo Yoshida DAINICHI.CO.,LTD producer
Miyu Suzuki Work up taki Co.,ltd. Designer
Yoshinori Itoh SEIBIDO Co., Ltd. Platemaking
Akira Funakoshi Platinum, Inc. PR planner

The Campaign

Leopalace 21, "Security 1st. Apartment Management Company" presented a project "Man on the Curtain". In order to prevent home invasions, we developed 12 different projected images of a male silhouette to trick criminals. We carefully adjusted the movements of the silhouettes, so that they look real from the outside. The projector kits were given to female residents; all they had to do was to connect a phone to a projector and project the image on the curtain.

Creative Execution

We designed 12 different projected images of a male silhouette and made projector kits. The main point in our work was to show the male silhouette as if the man was really there. We tested over and over to figure out, for example, how far the man should be standing from the curtain, how he should move to look natural, how his movements should be combined together, etc. Projector kits were given to female residents. The kits have been used roughly 36,000 times so far. We created the service which is available on the smartphone so that anyone can use it easily.


Professor Deguchi testified “having a man’s shadow on the curtain can greatly help prevent crimes for the residents.” Media impression with no ads was worth $2.71million The percentage of women who felt safe by using the kit was 97% The percentage of brand trust in Japan went up to 82.5% The project not only became the most trending news in Japan, but also spread to global news, such as Reuters, Associated Press, and more.

Leopalace 21, "Security 1st. Apartment Management Company" presented a project "Man on the Curtain". We believe this work is relevant for Direct for two reasons. First, we provided projector kits to the female residents in Leopalace, and succeeded in generating action among them to project male silhouettes on the curtain. Second, the act of projecting the images by the female residents had direct impact on preventing crimes. These two facts created direct communication with our target and generated response from them. This is why we believe the work is relevant for Direct.

Criminals tend to target the women living alone. We thought that we could prevent crimes if these women did not seem to be living alone. (Mr. Deguchi, a professor and criminal psychologist, said that this method could be very effective.) We also wanted to make sure the service is available on the smartphone so that anyone can use it easily. If women can live safely, women can be active in society.

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