Product / ServiceBOMBAY SAPPHIRE
CategoryB03. Experience Design: Multi-platform
EntrantI&S BBDO Tokyo, JAPAN
Idea Creation I&S BBDO Tokyo, JAPAN

The Campaign

“The Hidden Flavour Journey” A bespoke multi-sensorial & experiential brand journey from Bombay Sapphire Japan. The target audiences were invited as “passenger explorers” using a unique botanically scented train ticket to board the Bombay Sapphire Express Train, where they will discover 10 hidden botanical ingredients via an explorative journey around the world with the use of innovative technologies and the senses.

Creative Execution

Bombay Sapphire implemented the campaign by constructing 2 unique experiential indoor spaces luxuriously dressed up as Bombay Sapphire themed “train stations” in the heart of Tokyo and Osaka, Japan. The multi-sensorial journey began by handling target audiences unique botanically scented train tickets made with the fragrances of Bombay Sapphire, inviting them onboard the journey as “Passenger Explorers”. Upon entry into the train station, “Passenger Explorers” were served a Bombay Sapphire gin tonic to accompany them on their experiential journey. As they made their way into the experiential cabin, immersed with ambient music, botanical scents, plants and responsive ambience lighting, passengers were treated to a responsive interactive tabletop creatively themed with the exotic world of Bombay Sapphire’s Flavour Journey. With a few sweeps of their hand, passengers were able to discover hidden creative contents underneath a sea of blue unexplored territory. Creative contents featured branded animation from the hidden world of Bombay Sapphire Flavor’s Journey, including the 10 exotic botanical ingredients of Bombay Sapphire. Every successful discovery of all 10 different botanicals then revealed a dramatic animation sequence of all ingredients being fused together to form the iconic blue bottle gin. Following the experiential cabin, the passengers were then ushered to a kinect driven wall to interact with projection mapping contents featuring botanical essence particles that responded to body movements, the glass of gin tonic and printed assets. Passengers were also invited to rest at a unique digital cabin with a digitally animated cabin window that featured location scenes from the flavor journey. Towards the end of their Flavour Journey, the passengers were enticed to a botanical installation where they got to handle the actual botanical ingredients. The event took 4 months of preparation, including 2 months of creative content generation and a 2 weeks for on-site construction.


Name Company Position
Masaki Honda BBDO Japan Executive Creative Director
Martin Heng BBDO Japan Creative Director
Masanao Takahashi BBDO Japan Accounts Director
Fujitsuka Tomoko BBDO Japan Accounts Manager
Seiichiro Komazaki BBDO Japan Engagement Planner
Ishiyama Yasuhiro BBDO Japan Strategic Planner
Kirinzi Kirinzi Event Production
Champagne Club Sandwich Champagne Club Sandwich Production
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